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By: Ginger Coyote
U Can't Say No are a punk/ska band from Tokyo Japan.. Aktk Da 666 is the lead singer, Aki- United plays Sax, Yusuke Sukebilly is on guitar while Shuji Xtar Haya is on bass guitar and Yasu-O is on drums... They developed their original 80's Hardcore/ Skate Thrash sound in 1998. Playing with Coquettish and Dashboard they immediately had core fans... Their first release "Back To The 80's" on TV Freak Records in 2000 was very popular they toured on the TV Freak Tour all through out Japan. In 2003 they did a follow up release "The Second Decision Of Life Time" on Stiffeen Records. The release did great on sales and got the band respect.. Then in 2006 Can't Say No came out with "The World Showarll" then a 4th album "4ce The Truth was released in 2007... Again with great reviews.. Then in 2008 they released "5 Becomes 1" on Skain The World Records.. The band won lots of acclaim... Currently after regrouping they have toured playing support for such bands as Suicide Machine (USA), Link 80 (USA) , Capdown (U.K,) , Guerilla Poubelle (France) getting attention worldwide.. Here they are folks Check out their website http://3w.to/ucsn