The Great Burrito Extortion Case
Jive Records
y Tammy Adin

I’ve been a longtime fan of Bowling For Soup.  Their music is upbeat, funny, irreverent as shit, and always puts me in a good mood.  Their latest CD, The Great Burrito Extortion Case, is no exception.  In fact, this is my favorite of all of their CDs.  I think almost every song there could (and should) be a radio hit.  Lots of catchy hooks… in fact, this CD has inspired me to get out that bass guitar I have been trying to learn, print out some bass tabs, and learn to play along.  The first song is “Epiphany” -- a sweet song about breaking up: “There’s a picture of a girl somewhere that fits this empty frame”.   The second track is sure to be the first big hit off this CD -  “High School Never Ends”.   Shit, I graduated from high school over 30 years ago (eeeek!) and I have to say that it's still true!   “Val Kilmer” is about how the singer’s life is less like a comedy and more like a chickflick – “but in the sequel, honey, I’m the guy that gets the girl”.  The fourth track is “I’m Gay” and it has nothing to do with sexual preference, but is a dig against the “serious” bands - “It sells records when you're sad these days, It's super cool to be mad these days, I think rock and roll is really funny when it's serious”.  I love the pledge you’re invited to repeat (hand over heart, of course…although it’s a bit awkward trying to put your LEFT hand over your heart as the singer directs, “It’s perfectly fine to be a happy individual”. 

Tracks #5-8 are all about breakups.  “Why Don’t I Miss You” is a poignant song.  “A Friendly Goodbye” has to be one of the funniest songs I’ve ever heard, telling someone off without actual profanity “I’m sick of all the ‘S’ word you put me through, so ‘F’ you”.  I could see that song being a big radio hit (are they allowed to say ‘F’ You on the radio?), as it’s so catchy.  “Luckiest Loser” is all about when that best friend of yours breaks the friend code and dates your ex, “and did I mention that”.  “Love Sick Stomach Ache” has a great chorus that sticks in my head for hours after I listen to it.  The ninth song is “Much More Beautiful Person”, kind of an anthem for the unpopular.  “Friends Like You” is funnier than hell “I just want all my CDs back In the cases with the artwork still intact”.   Don’t we all?

“When We Die” is a surprisingly serious and very pretty song.  “99 Biker Friends” is directed towards a guy who beats his girl - “she’s wearing shades but we all see behind the tinted glass, and I’ve got 99 biker friends that wanna kick your ass”.  “Don’t Let It Be Love” is one of my favorites on this CD.  It’s one of those songs you just have to sing along with.  The final song on the CD is “If You Come Back To Me”, another breakup song that is sweet but has a lot of humor thrown in… the singer asks “where’s the magic”… and then “I used to think Pop Rocks were magic”.  Me too, buddy, me too.

All in all, the band is tight and the vocals are great, and I vote for this CD to be the best one to listen to if you are in a bad mood.  I live a pretty high-stress life and I’ve got this one in my car CD player almost continuously and it never fails to make me smile, and sing along.



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