Building Six
"Record 1"
by Carl Macki

Building Six
"Record 1"
Vague Moon Records
POB 850 groton MA 01450



Paul Parkhill, Derek Denckla,
Carl Hum, Dan Spagna,
and Karen Meara

Song List

Holiday Medicine Show

Lucky Seven

Joe McCarthy's Ghost

A is For Angus

Dent in The Fender

5AM Bus Drop

Open Road

The Works

Lost Your Town


 Vague Moon, also the home of Van Gogh Shadowtree and the Primadonnatives (more on them later), has released this CD from this band formerly known as Dept of Buildings. It is such a thoughful release that I have mulled about the music for over two months. Not in a bad way. Building 6 is maybe a strange name. It appears to refer to the building in the World Trade Center Complex by that number that supposedly was destroyed by a bomb. (This band is from Brooklyn.) Take it or leave it, it's all a conspiracy, isn't it, as long as we are breathing. It's mixed up and beautifully sloppy. I can't say I liked every song, but at least they kept me listening. It's lo-fi, hi-IQ emo at ground zero. Listen at the label website, allmusic guide or Available at Vague Moon or at


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