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By: Gus Berandicou
Don’t let the name fool you…Bubblegum Screw is one of the best new bands and their recent “Screwphoria” is one of the best albums of 2011. With near perfect production, their punk rawk release sounds more like the New York Dolls than the New York Dolls do! Mark Thorn’s vocals aren’t exactly refreshing, but David Jo has never won any awards for his vocal abilities…continuing, his vocals sound like Stiv Bators after a shave, shower, and smoke break. Zach Rembrandt and Ken Komono’s guitar work is also impressive, where they balance out the vibes of Johnny Thunders and Johnny Ramone, while trying to remain unique.
The album starts off with the fantastic “Because He Loves You,” which features impressive “chain-saw” guitar riffs, and a refrain that is relatable and catchy. “Operation,” follows and is the first track of the CD that has the “explicit” warning…Although, it’s hardly risque it does feature the best guitar solo on the album. Unfortunately, the song is about one minute too long, which gives it an unnecessary and less-appealing repetitiveness. “I Was A Teenage Fuck-Up,” has sooo much potential, the title is most likely to relate to all Punk Globe readers; but it suffers the same fate as “Operation.” A few tracks and Johnny Thunders guitar solos later, the band kick ass yet again with the song “Practice What You Preach,” shows the band in fine form and the alternating chord progressions show that they are much more than the Ramones. This song covers sensitive ground, and the emotion can be heard in a manner similarly accomplished in the Velvet Underground’s song “Heroin.” In an unstoppable role “Dirty Ho” continues and pack a punch. The lyrics here proves the whit of the band, “my dicks so hard it hurts (click the link to read the rest, if you are over 18). “Turkish Casanova” gives off the vibe of sexuality one can only appreciate after looking at Mick Jagger’s thick lips.
Bubblegum Screw is defiantly a band on the rise; they are young and have time to perfect themselves. They could use the help of Joey Pinter or Todd Rundgren, but until then they will always be able to kick ass! “Screwphoria” balances between amazing and resistive, but in order to be remembered something must be persistent. “Screwphoria” doesn’t disappoint, starting and ending with a bang. LISTEN TO “Because He Loves You,” and have fun.

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