Catching Up With
By: Ginger Coyote
A few years back I had a chance to interview Bubblegum Screw... Well it is now 2011 and I am catching up with the band . They have some new band members and a new CD coming out......
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview. Can you tell us who is currently in Bubblegum Screw and what they do?
Bubblegum Screw: Hi.We have Mark Thorn who is the frontman, Zuri Warsaw on bass.On rotating lead & rhythm guitar duties we have Ken Nomoto & Zach Rembrant and last but not least we have Seb Frey on Drums.Everybody in the band is now involved in the songwriting on some level.
Punk Globe:It has been quite awhile since our last interview. Tell us what the band has been doing?
Zuri: We got new people on board, and I think it's safe to say it's the best line-up we've ever had. Musically tighter, more committed, more creative and willing to try out stuff. The personal chemistry is excellent too - no ego bullshit like we've had in the past, just very relaxed, sincere, and fun. It does feel like a gang, and personally I can't wait to hit the road this autumn.
Mark:Also:We've filmed a promo video for our single 'I Was A Teenage Fuck Up' which has a few snippets from the Marky Ramone show that you can watch at

Punk Globe:Have you played any special shows or did any touring since we last spoke?
Zuri: The Marky Ramone show was very special because we got to play with the last surviving Ramone and drummer of Richard Hell & the Voidoids, no less. The Bermondsey Joyriders also played that night - they're a London punk/blues band with members of Cock Sparrer, Chelsea, and The Damned. And they invited John Sinclair, ex-manager of the MC5 and former leader of the White Panther Party, to do spoken word between their songs. A night of punk legends. It didn't hurt that Gary Lammin of the Bermondsey Joyriders played a benefit set for anti-government strike action in my borough the night before. I respect musicians to whom rock 'n' roll is a weapon and not just mindless entertainment.
Mark:Xmas past we did a show with Captain Sensible & The Glitter Band which was a blast both onstage & off.
Sexbastien: We have played lots of shows around the London area recently, the most memorable ones being the two times we have played O2 Academy, firstly with Zodiac Mindwarp and three weeks ago we were on before Marky Ramone’s Blitzkeig. That one especially was a very memorable show indeed.
Punk Globe:I understand you are releasing a new release coming out. Can you tell us about that?
Mark: Yeah we finally have our album out whose release has been delayed and complicated on the behalf of an-ex band member who chose to make it available on the Internet after our failure to respond to his demands which were tantamount to blackmail.We did try and negotiate but he didn't want any other resolution than money and now!We'd like to take this opportunity to alert Punk Globe readers to his website which is an impostor site and operating without our consent.If anyone wishes to purchase our album it's available at, amazon, itunes and a whole host of other electronic outlets failing that we'd rather they download it for free.
Zuri: Yes, unlike most people, our ex-guitarist seems incapable of simply letting go and moving on with his life. But I guess that's just his insecurities coming out.
Punk Globe:What is the name of the new release and how many tracks are on it?
Mark: The album's called 'SCREWPHORIA!' and has 14 tracks on and doesn't include the tracks off our previous release 'St.Valentine's Ep' which we could have easily just have stuck on but isn't representative of 'SCREWPHORIA!'
Punk Globe:Does Bubblegum Screw work as unit when you write songs or are there certain members who write the material?
Mark: It has worked either way in the past.Some songs come pretty much finished when they're presented whilst others may have something missing or need to bashed out a bit more in the studio.
Sexbastien: For now we have all found it easier to write individually, Mark and Zuri do most of the song writing but all five of us have brought songs to the table recently, these are to be expected on the next EP.
Punk Globe:Where did you do the recording?
Mark: Fortress Studios
Punk Globe:Who produced your new CD?
Mark: Robert Harrison and the re-mastering was kindly done by Paul Blacard who played in The Corpsegrinders and has a great new band called The Wrong which is well worth checking out.
Punk Globe:Is the CD all original material?
Mark: Yes
Punk Globe:Did you have any special guests performing on the CD?
Mark: We did try to get Steve Dior down but unfortunately something came up that prevented him from attending and I also approached Kory Clarke(Warrior Soul) to do some vocals on 'Power' but alas to no avail.We had Nina Courson from Healthy Junkies help out with backing vocals who I'm sure you'll be hearing of....
Punk Globe:What Label are you releasing it on?
Mark: It's been put out by Bloodsucker records.
Punk Globe: Do you have any Record Release shows planned yet?
Mark: None as yet.
Punk Globe: Will you be playing a show at the 100 Club?
Mark: Depends if there's a suitable gig for us to play Walter Lure or the re-formed Heartbreakers get in touch if you read this !lol
Punk Globe: Any plans to tour with this release?
Mark: We have a Italian tour on the cards for early October and one in the Balkans early November.
Punk Globe: Is Bubblegum Screw playing any of the festivals like Rebellion this year?
Mark: We've just found out we'll be playing the Cambridge Rock Festival , going on just before Friday's headliner's Eddie and The Hot Rods on August the 5th.
Punk Globe: Any plans for a tour of the United States?
Mark: No fixed plans as of yet but we're more than happy to be part of any one else's plans.The sooner we get over to the U.S. the better as far as I'm concerned
Punk Globe:Can you give the readers any web links for Bubblegum Screw?
Punk Globe:Any parting words of wisdom for Punk Globe readers?
Zuri: Like the Ramones, "I believe in miracles, I believe in a better world for me and you".
Sexbastien: “Keep Music Sexy!!”… and “One up the bum and you won't be a mum!”