March 2017


Brother Paul
Cadillac Pickup Truck
CD Review By: Lisa Lunney

I absolutely LOVE rockabilly and psychobilly and that is exactly what BROTHER PAUL delivers in their debut album Cadillac Pickup Trick.

The album is lyrically rooted in some heavy ground. Tones such as loss, extreme changes and the importance/value of family are discussed. This is an album you can both lyrically and musically appreciate.

There are so many different musical components weaved into this album. At times there are hints of motown, punk, grunge and even metal. Yep. I said it, an acoustic album somehow reminds me of metal. A very unique band with a chameleon like ability to take on different sounds.

The album is fun, the vocals are a breath of fresh air. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this new band.

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