Up Front And Personal With
By: Lis Booth
Punk Globe: Thank you So much for the interview guys, I have your last 2 albums & i think they totally Rock!, But for the readers that don't know you, Could you tell them a little about yourselves, and who the band are:
Ty: Thanks! We're a pop punk band from Portland, Oregon, which is in the Northwest corner of the United States. We love it here, but we're always on tour.
Punk Globe: Broadway Calls is a great catchy name, How did that name come about?
Ty: There's a band from Portland called The Decemberists. They have a song called "I Was Meant For The Stage". It's a really amazing song about a man who, night after night performs for all the people that come into his theatre. Our band name was inspired by that song.
Punk Globe: How did you come together as a band, and how long have you been together.
Ty: Josh and I have been playing together for a long long time. We were in other bands together while we were growing up, and we finally decided to start a band that writes and plays our favorite kind of music. So we started Broadway Calls about four years ago, and we've been going strong ever since.
Punk Globe: You have played with some great bands such as Alkaline Trio, the Bouncing Souls, Rancid, and The Offspring. how was that,
Ty: The Alkaline Trio tour was a dream come true. So was the Bouncing Souls/Bayside tour. We've been extremely lucky in the company we've been able to keep while on tour for the past couple years. To be able to consider the bands you grew up listening to, and still love, as friends, is a trip.
Punk Globe: Tell the readers about your recordings you have so far released,
Ty: Before we ever played our first show, we wrote and recorded six songs that turned into the "Call The Medic"... EP. We just recorded that in a freezing cold garage in January of 2006. It was my first time singing in a band for about six years. It was so fun, so we released it for free download online, and then a label decided to release it on CD. In September of 2006 we started recording our first full length album in California with Willie Samuels. That record was released by State Of Mind records, and then later re-released on Adeline. We toured extensively on that record for a while, and then last year we recorded and released Good Views, Bad News on SideOneDummy Records.
Punk Globe: Your last album was not under Adeline Records, Are you still signed to Adeline Records ?
Ty: No. We are signed to SideOneDummy now, but we still work with Adeline on a daily basis. They're like family to us, and I think we will always be in touch with them.
Your getting a Huge fan base around you now, how does that make you feel?
It feels pretty surreal. I mean, we still have a long way to go before I'm satisfied, but to be able to show up to a city on a different continent and play and have kids sing along to songs I wrote in my bedroom is pretty incredible.
Punk Globe: You have recently toured the UK/Europe, tell us about that:
Ty: We love touring over there. We went over to Europe three times last year, and they were all very different tours, and on each of the tours, we met new friends, and played in front of new faces. I love touring over there. I love the history, and I love the shows.
Punk Globe: How was the reaction of the European fans compared to the USA,
Ty: I think the European fans really cherish the fact that a small American band is coming through. There's so many incredible bands from America that have never been able to make it over seas, so I think Europeans know that it's a big deal when a smaller, new band makes it over. As far as crowd reaction and craziness goes though, I've never seen anything in Europe as rabid or wild as a California punk show.
Punk Globe: Did you get to explore the sites of London - Did you love it?
Ty: London is a beautiful city. We've been there quite a lot for an American band. You can see us doing the touristy stuff over there in our Basement Royalty video.
Punk Globe: I hear you have been on a constant on and off tour since you started out, i guess you all love to tour!! when do you plan on returning to London.
Ty: Hopefully before the end of the year. No promises though. We're trying to get a new record done.
Punk Globe: I am from Reading home of the Reading Festivals and I love the Reading festival, you played at Reading & Leeds Festivals last year? Tell us about that
Ty: Those festivals were giant. We'd never played anything like it, and it was so much fun. We got to see a lot of bands that we wouldn't normally get to see in a "punk" show setting. Bands like Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, Crystal Castles. It was a blast. I'd love to come back and play in 2011.
Punk Globe: Who did you grow up listening to?
Ty: Green Day changed my world when I was 12. As did Nirvana. Then from there, I got into Rancid, NOFX, Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, The Queers, etc.....
Punk Globe: Who are you currently listening to?
Ty: All of the above, as well as The Menzingers, Against Me!, Off With Their Heads, Dead To Me, Comadre, Surfer Blood, The Weakerthans..... Honestly, too many to list.
Punk Globe: What do you like to do on your day off!
Ty: RELAX!!! If it's hot out, we all love to go swimming.
Punk Globe: For the girly fans out there are any of you single?!!
Ty: Ha. Nope.
Punk Globe: Please tell the readers where they can find you online...
Ty: Follow broadwaycalls on Twitter!! Also you can find us easily on facebook and myspace. Twitter is what I'm on the most though. http://www.myspace.com/broadwaycalls http://twitter.com/broadwaycalls http://www.facebook.com/pages/Broadway-Calls/7912315767
Thanks for being great sports & answering the questions, WHAT A Fantastic interview. Thanks so much To Ty of Broadway calls.