Punk Globe Touches Base With
By: Ginger Coyote
It is always a real treat to interview Brian Kroll of My Son The Bum.... They have recently completed their new CD "The New Carnival" so we decided to ask Brian for all the details... I hope you enjoy the following interview.
Punk Globe: It is such a pleasure to be able to catch up with yourself and My Son The Bum... Is the line up the same as our last interview?
Brian: The line up is the same. However, we have 3 guest performances by Shawn Murray on Drums (Willy DeVille/Mink Deville Band) that will be on the next album. John O.Reilly was touring with Trans Siberian Orchestra when these were recorded.
Punk Globe: I have been getting all sorts of updates about a new recording project tell us about it?
Brian: We've been in the process of completing songs for one or two more albums. Since we like to jump rock genres, it's our belief to have as many tracks to choose from as possible (when we can).
Punk Globe: Where did you record the new project at?
Brian: Vu Du Studios - Freeport, New York. Parcheesi Studios, Huntington, New York and Avalon Studios, Douglaston, New York
Punk Globe: Are you working with a producer or are you producing it yourself?
Brian: Bob Stander and I produce it together.
Punk Globe: How many tracks have you recorded?
Brian: 17
Punk Globe: Did you record on Analog or Digital?
Brian: Some tracks are all analog, some tracks are digital but with analog Consoles (mixing boards) and a mixture of vintage analog and new digital outboard gear
Punk Globe: Who has written the new recordings?
Brian: I've written mostly all the songs. Bob Stander writes a bridge or part here and there when necessary. Ronnie interprets the vocals and adds his touch.
Punk Globe: Do you have a release date yet?
Brian: Not yet. The New Carnival was just pressed so we're holding off another album release until next year.
Punk Globe: Am I right when I say that My Son The Bum is mainly a recording only project? Do you ever play live?
Brian: You are absolutely correct. We don't play live at this point.
Punk Globe: Was there ever a time that you played live and toured?
Brian: No.
Punk Globe: Were you originally going to play live?
Brian: Yes. Up to now Ronnie and John have never met or talked. There was a point when we all lived within 40 minutes of each other. Ronnie moved from The Bronx to Florida and John O.Reilly moved from Queens and Long Island, New York to Pennsylvania. Bob Stander and I still live on Long Island. When we first started recording, it was logistically possible to play live. With life changes, now it is very improbable.
Punk Globe: Do you want to play live and tour?
Brian: Yes, I very much would like to play live and tour. There would need to be two bands though, one for recording and one for touring.
Punk Globe: Tell us about the other members of the band and the projects they are involved with?
Brian: John O.Reilly is the drummer in Trans Siberian Orchestra (west coast band). They will be touring soon. Bob Stander is recording, co-producing and playing bass on a future solo album of Ricky Byrd (guitarist of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts). Ronnie Dee has his bands and projects in the Tampa Bay Area in Florida.
Punk Globe: Not to long ago My Son The Bum got an outstanding review out of Australia. Can you tell us about that?
Brian: I had been in touch with Greg Phillips (senior editor & writer) of Australian Musician Magazine. He is a fan of the band and wrote a review of 'Are We There Yet?' our second album in 2009. We've kept in touch over time. Peter Merritt (veteran program director of PBS-FM Melbourne, Australia) is another fan of the band. Greg and Peter spoke, put their heads together and brainstormed a phone interview with me. After that, Greg took the recorded interview and wrote what ended up to be a feature article in both the print and on line issues of an Australian Musician Magazine issue.
Punk Globe: Do you have a ink for Punk Globe readers to check the review out?
Punk Globe: Do you have any web addresses for My Son The Bum that you would like the readers to check out?.
Punk Globe: Tell us what is in store for My Son The Bum for the rest of 2010 and 2011?
Brian: I've been writing new songs as always and trying to get the music out all over the world. In addition, I've been thinking about what a gigging, touring band would be and how to bring that about. Of course there is the next album in 2011
Punk Globe: It was a great to get to catch up with you and get an update on the band.. Any parting words for Punk globe readers?
Brian: We would like to thank you and all Punk Globe readers for being part of our global community and for taking time to read this interview and listen to the music. We invite you to join our mailing list to keep you in the loop :) Punk Globe Readers RAWK !!!!
Punk globe would like to thank Brian Kroll for the great interview.. Be sure to check out My Son The Bum on one the above links.....