by Carl Macki

Director: Neil Jordan

14 September 2007 -- wide release

Jody Foster plays a New York City radio host named Erica Bain who is about to marry her her fiancÚ, David (Naveen Andrews), as both are attacked by three gangsta thugs while she and David were walking her dog in a park at night.

His fiance is killed but Erica survives, and turns into a vigilante killer. She buys a 9mm automatic and looks for the killers of her boyfriend. Along the way, she happens to kill four men who happen to be doing the wrong thing, either to her,; or someone she comes across.
Terrence Howard is Mercer, the NYPD detective assigned to her case, and eventually becomes suspicious of .There is a surprise ending when she finally gets the creeps who killed her ,and stole her dog.

This is an above average thriller, well made, by the lovable director of "The Crying Game." Jodie Foster still looks hot. Terrence Howard is bumbling but engaging. There is a lot of violence but it is not bloody. The movie is thoughful and composed in layers, so one has the time to savor the plot lines with little visceral reaction.


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