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I recently had a chance to interview Brandon Scott the voice with Skin Trade.They caught my eye because - I thought their bass player was Actor Topher Grace from..... "That 70"s Show".. No, I knew his name was Topher Graves.... but it sounded fun.... I hope you enjoy my interview with Brandon.
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview. Can you give the readers some background on yourself?
Brandon: Sure, my name is Brandon Scott.... I'm the lead singer for the Los Angeles rock band, "Skin Trade." I was raised in a small ass, hick-infested, mountain-town called "Big Bear," which is a few hours outside of L.A. I currently reside in Hollywood, CA. I also write poetry, and do sketches.... and I'm obsessed with Patti Smith...
Punk Globe: So you are now located in Hollywood... What brought you here?
Brandon: I came here to get educated about music, and the business- and to immerse myself in the grit of the city... Plus, I needed to get out of that small ass, hick-infested, mountain-town!... I originally taught myself how to play, so I was doing a lot of things based on instinct, which can only get you so far- So, I moved here and began working on a degree in Vocal performance, among other things, and started searching for the right guys to join Skin Trade.
Punk Globe: Have you been involved with other bands prior to Skin Trade?
Brandon: Skin Trade is my first professional project. We have only been together about 8 months, and so much has happened for us, its crazy!
Punk Globe: Can you tell us how you came up with the name "Skin Trade" for a band name?
Brandon: I'm obsessed with poetry, from Blake, to Emerson, and Rimbaud- to Ginsberg, Edgar Allan Poe and Patti Smith.... I was reading this book by the great poet Dylan Thomas called "Adventures in the Skin Trade," and it just struck me as the perfect name... It represents our music, and sound, while also being a sort of metaphor for the music/entertainment industry... (we're all selling ourselves, etc.) They used to refer to the porn industry as "The Skin Trade" and I think art is most revealing and impacting at it's rawest, and most naked state... sex sells, I guess it's Freudian...
Punk Globe: How did you all get together to start the band?
Brandon: Well, it was kind of strange the way it unfolded. I had a ton of songs that I had been toying with for years, and I met a couple guys who wanted to work on them with me. So, we started working and writing to record our debut, "Heretic." The record was cut before we had even played one live show! We had a blast, but realized we all wanted different things, and those members are no longer with the band, and are currently working on their own projects. As fortune would have it, the current line-up came together in this strange cosmic synergy- out of nowhere, we had 4 people, all looking for the same thing- with the same look, and the same sound- it was very natural, and the planets just sort of aligned....
Punk Globe: Who is in the band and what do they play?
Brandon: Me... (Brandon Scott) on vocals, Topher Graves on bass, Justen Nielsen on drums, and Merritt Goodwin on Guitar.
Punk Globe: Is the current line up all the original members?
Brandon: No.
Punk Globe: Who are some of your influences for the band?
Brandon: We all have a wide range- from "CBGB's punk, to grunge, to Gothic rock... Our drummer loves Travis Barker and Blink 182, I love Patti Smith, Manson, Iggy Pop, and The Stones... And I know they love Turbonegro, Cancer Bats, Bauhaus, Rob Zombie, The Vines and Nine Inch Nails... But to list everyone would take an entire page! For me, I'm influenced a lot by libertine, controversial artists like Warhol, Arthur Rimbaud, and Rebecca Horne and also visual masters like Ingmar Bergman, and Salvador Dali... We all love horror movies, and are inspired a lot by films- we love David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Hitchcock, Kubrick and Tarantino-
Punk Globe: I noticed a lot of your influences aren't musicians... Could you explain?
Brandon: Sure, as an artist, I really think the medium is less important than aesthetic. The artists I listed give tons of inspiration, be it visually in performance, or even our artwork, or promo material. Some even lend to ideas for songs and lyrics! Sometimes you find inspiration in the most unconventional of places...
Punk Globe: Who writes the material for Skin Trade?
Brandon: We all do. I wrote the majority of "Heretic," but usually when we write, we all collaborate. Sometimes I might have a song that's pretty much finished, that just needs some tweaking by the full band, sometimes they make the beat and music, and I write the melody and lyrics.
Punk Globe: I know our mutual pal Chad Ellis recently recorded with you. How did that come about?
Brandon: He was the original guitarist, and he recorded "Heretic" with me. We are still good friends- he's very talented, we just wanted different things from the project-
Punk Globe: Have you released any product?
Brandon: Yes, "Heretic" is available on iTunes, and several other major online distributors, as well as from our website for a discounted rate. (
Punk Globe: How about touring?
Brandon: We are in the process of booking a regional, west coast, mini-tour in support of "Heretic" that will occur near the beginning of next year, and we will be following that up later in the year with something in support of our follow-up EP which we will be out next year!
Punk Globe: Is it true that you give vocal lessons?
Brandon: I do! yes!
Punk Globe: Do you have a lot of clients?
Brandon: Just a few for now, but I'm always looking for more students! I have a ridiculously cheap rate, so hit me up!
Punk Globe: What is your favorite venue to play?
Brandon: The Whisky- It was the first place we played, and it just has so much energy in it's history. I love the tall stage, and the layout always lends itself to a high-voltage performance... I always feel artistically charged just being there, and the staff/crew always treats us great! We recently opened for "Vains of Jenna" at The Whisky, and it was one of our best shows yet!
Punk Globe: Can you tell the readers about your favorite Skin Trade show?
Brandon: My favorite show was probably one we did at The Roxy, opening for "Love and a .38" The curtain always helps us be extra theatrical!... But the most memorable was a performance at the Doll Hut in Anaheim, where a guitarist we had at the time, wasn't allowed in because he was under 21.... So we strung his guitar out the door, and he played the entire show from outside!!!... it was CLASSIC!
Punk Globe: Do you have web addresses that you would like to share with the readers? So they can get information about the band.
Punk Globe: Tell us what is in the future for Skin Trade?
Brandon: We are going to keep pushing our limits, the new music is full of so much more soul, and we can't wait to start doing it live... We're going to incorporate a lot more visuals, and we may even start using some electronic elements to add vibe to certain songs live! Definitely planning on getting some major festivals in the next year, we are constantly writing, and you can expect some very avant garde, most-likely a little shocking, music videos... We are gonna be touring and releasing lots of material, and looking for the right label, if there is such a thing....j/k
Punk Globe: Any parting words for Punk Globe readers?
Brandon: Keep fucking shit up! Remember you have a voice, and you need to stand up to all of the fucked up injustices going on in our country, and our world! Take back the radio, take back the media, and take over the world.... most importantly preach the gospel of "Punk Globe"...

Thanks so much Ginger!
Thank YOU Brandon.................