Boys On The Docks
by Carl Macki

Boys on the Docks

Márk Gábor - throat
Tamás Tóth - drums
István Lechner - guitar
Peter Lechner - bass
Balázs Dávid - guitar


First there was Silkworms,a high school band in Kaposvár, an small but important industrial city in southwest Hungary. They played adolescent punk rock, but the band went stale for ideas. So the music and the musicians metamorphosed into Boys on the Docks. Since 2005 they started to get serious about rehearsing and listening to the very best of classic hardcore, metal and punk to refine their sound, to nuance their roar. They are still working on their first demo EP. You can go to and listen to four of their songs, and other links at

For instance, "Dance of the Dead" has a very obvious Dropkick Murphys feel to it. It is upbeat, cheerful anthemic and filled with hooks and choruses. Ordinarily I would be wary of recommending something that might be considered contrived and derivative. No, It is a wonderful cut. These boys are good! "Tistvan 2" is sung in Hungarian with a relentless rhythm, and a strident beat. "One and The Same" is archly dramatic.

Band is starting to break in Europe! No news of shows here.


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