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by Ban Tasers
"Speaking only for myself, I can tell you that I didn't want to be a good German, meaning I didn't want to stand by, while my country was murdering millions. I didn't want to assent to the racism, which was overt, at that time, in the legally segregated south, or the de facto segregated north. It's a question of not accepting my white skin and class privilege. So I wanted to side with the people of the world in their struggle against U.S. imperialism. It was absolutely exhilarating, to go beyond oneself, and act in a much much larger cause. In taking over Columbia University, around its support for the war, and its institutional racism, that's what we were doing." (-Mark Rudd)

"Why has Congress not yet awoken to the fact that since 9-11 we have been sailing into a perfect storm? ... We are almost certain to witness and suffer the worst of Cold War McCarthyism and Vietnam COINTELPRO abuses." (-Coleen Rowley, FBI Whistleblower and 2002 Time Co-Person of the Year)

"All I'm saying is simply this, that all life is interrelated, that somehow we're caught in an inescapable network of mutuality tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. For some strange reason, I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. You can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality." (- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

"We were lumped right in there with some seriously bad people. It would be 'Al-Qaida' and 'anti-drilling activists are going to the Cabot picnic.'" (-Virginia Cody on being spied on by the PA Department of Homeland Security for her anti-fracking activism)
Rich Media, Poor Democracy...
Anybody who gives a damn about truth, justice, peace, and democracy is troubled by the horrific announcement of still more major media-consolidation, today, with the corporate-owned government's green lighting the merger of Comcast and NBC. Brace yourself for even less truth and soul...more imperialist war-propaganda, more shitty info-tainment, and more pointless distractions. No mention of the death dumps poisoning our skies, and the air your loved ones breathe, no mention of the false flag attacks used to supposedly justify this permanent war state, just more "Dancing With The Stars" diversions, bullshit comedy, adult cartoons, and happy Jerry Falwell white bread, Disney-fied muzak. The quagmire in Afghanistan, the genocidal bombings, and ongoing occupation of Iraq, the slaughter of civilians by drones in Pakistan, and Yemen, and the systemic oppression of the Muslim Community, worldwide, is a monstrously profitable enterprise for the spies, war makers, mercenaries, weapons manufacturers, oil-lords, and embedded commercial-media.

Comcast is buying a 51 percent stake in NBC Universal from war-profiteers, General Electric Co. for $13.8 billion in cash and assets. White collar criminals own the entire mass-media, both political parties, all the regulatory agencies, the banks, the courts, and the prisons. Weapons of war manufacturers, Lockheed-Martin, have recently joined Blackwater, now known as xe Services, in the big business of spying on anti-war activists, human rights activists, and civil liberties conscientious Americans, while cashing big checks from the D.H.S. First order of business, post-acquisition? Comcast fired Keith Olbermann-probably the most liberal pundit on big media, since Bill Moyers retired from PBS. They "Donahued" him, for opposing the wars.
In the eighties, all the bands were unabashedly anti-war. From Inxs to the Waterboys, the Alarm to the Thompson Twins. Was there ANY question about Dead Kennedys, the Exploited, Lords Of The New Church, or Little Steven and the Disciples Of Soul? Where are all our rebellious soul men of today? All we hear about are dogshit hip-pop and generic wank-off bands. When you see all those middle aged homeless folks, walkin' 'round with their filthy sleeping bags, and dirty trousers, it makes it tough to grasp what yesterday's punks and the pseudo-rich could possibly be thinking. Sure, a portion of the exiled on main street kids are just partiers, punks, and artful dodgers, and you can't give everybody a job, but if I had money, I'd start an old fashioned record label/retail store, and pay people a fair wage. Or a real American music magazine, like Creem, in the seventies. Or a vegetarian restaurant with healthy, no GMO's food. Or a nightclub that only books real rock'n'roll....The super rich are too invested in oil, jails, war, and oppressing the poor. The older generation shoulda fought the man, when it came to mandatory piss testing. These bogus drug laws written by big pharma, secret agency-pushers, the ciggie and alcohol lobby, and the opium kingpins="Partnership For A Drug Free America", they call themselves. Hypocrite Bastids.

My generation has, passively, let 'em normalize a Sci-Fi Nazi Police State, made no noise, whatsoever, about the venal Patriot Act, or the hard-on cops, randomly, tasering the elderly, children, and Autistic people. Many of our peeps still even, willingly, consent to flying! Even when it means being charged top dollar, photographed naked, being dosed with radiation, and being intimately, sexually, groped(!!!) by government agents. Meanwhile, the upper middle class just keep attending those outdoor concerts, with their high-end camping gear, numbly, buying more useless electronics at Target, and watching the Daily Show, as if, ridiculing Sara Palin, from the safety of the futon, is some bold stance, the modern equivalent of closing down the colleges, going to jail for justice, or marching for civil rights. How about all those vacant-eyed, twenty-somethings, with ZZ Top beards? Weird. I don't care if you're Devendra Banhart, Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, or Roy Wood from Wizzard: Beards with make-up has NEVER been a good look, for anyone. All those goofy, "Nylon" magazine reading, skinny jeaned dorks, with the blue-tooth telephone devices in their ear, talking to them self, in their black Wal-Mart hoodies, and Hot Topic belts. Munching their wholesale, frozen Sam's Club cheese-sticks, and chicken-wings, sucking down their Laughing Dog beer, looking forward to tomorrow's trip to Home Depot, to buy supplies, to build more shelves, for their elaborate dvd collections, they purchase on-line. Another occasion to feel superior to all the down and out immigrants, and poor white trash, blue collar, day laborers, already assembling in the 'Depot parking lot, and in the Sherwin-Williams parking lot, next door, all of 'em up early, shivering in the cold, desperately looking for work on exploitive dry-walling, roofing, and painting crews. "Learn English, motherfuckers", the self-satisfied, copped-out, cable-brainwashed, home improvers, all think to themselves....All these self-important middle-class creeps in their big ass white trucks, with the ribbon magnets on the back. Hooters customers. In West Coast Choppers t- shirts from Wal-Mart, with their dumbfuck, token, flame tattoo. Armies of 'em. I hate to think about what they'll have to face-up to, in the near future.

Man. Just got the bad news that Alex Kirst, drummer for the Nymphs, and Iggy Pop, has passed away after being involved in a hit and run, while attempting to purchase cigarettes. I always loved the Nymphs, they were the only band, besides Manic Street Preachers, that I really cared about in the loathsome grunge years. They call Inger Lorre, "The Patron Saint Of Fucked Over Musicians". Yeah, I always loved that lady. "Imitating Angels", "Just One Happy Day", "Death Of A Scenester", "Sad And Damned"...the Badfinger cover. Fantastic group. My sincerest condolences to his family and intimates. I've always considered the Nymphs influences on my own music.

I only shop at second hand stores, 'cause I'm poor, and see no reason to throw money away. It's annoying that all the rich people raid the thrift stores to inventory their hobbyist vintage boutiques, 'cause you can't ever find bitchin' old sparkly iron-on band t-shirts, since they became trendy in the mid-nineties. Mostly, I end up buying old cassettes and Vhs tapes. Last night, I was sick with a bad cold, so I ended up watching Rick Springfield's "Hard To Hold" on VHS, and if you thought Appollonia's acting was bad in "Purple Rain", or if you saw John Cougar Mellencamp's "Falling From Grace", well, all I can say is Rick Springfield is a far worse actor than I remembered. I also saw Tonya Roberts in "Sheena", and it was maybe even worse, than her. Dr. Noah Drake was the Jonas Brothers of the eighties, he may have written some catchy radio pop some of you remember fondly, but "Bop 'Til You Drop", was almost as bad as the shit that's on the radio, nowadays. 'Stuck in my head, too! This cold has a savage grip on my throat, so I'm loading up on over the counters, but it makes me mad, that the pharmaceutical industry got 'em to outlaw all the drug-store cold remedies that actually provided some relief, because supposedly, they were being used to manufacture meth. Whatever, man. I hate being sick. What I wouldn't give for some pseudoephedrine. This cold has no mercy. Just put me flat on my back. I get bored and walk towards the computer, the muscles in my thighs even ache. It's crazy. I have to blow my nose constantly, it's rough business. This mutant lab strain of sickness gets worse, every year. Just brutal.
The occupations drag on. Gitmo is still open. Non-stop mergers and monopolies. Wingnut violence, inspired by Beck and Palin. Big Brother telescreens at more than 9,000 locations. Naked body porno radiation scanners. War propaganda cranked out by the D.H.S., spreading paranoia, and the insidious proliferation of a high-tech Stasi state. Horrible Justin Bieber shit dominating the air-waves. Hyper-Militarized police squads with war weapons, TSA goons in latex gloves, rummage through your personal belongings, without probable cause, and in total disregard for the Fourth Amendment, and the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Do something to raise awareness about the perpetaul war state's tightfisted control of the corporate news media, and the sham being perpetuated against we, the people, by the police state occupation. The Democrats have broken every campaign promise and govern as Orwellian rightwing war hawks, expanding Bush policies. Boycott the air-lines and the corporate-media. Vote third parties. Organize your peers. Be The Media. Do It Yourself. Unite against tyranny. PEACE NOW!