"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> BORN TO DESTRUCT
By Gary Eagling
Born to Destruct arrived on the Punk scene in 2007, with Woodstock a PUNK LIFER (1978 – Death) returning to the Punk scene after a 10-year absence from Playing. Preferring to Promote and support during those years rather than participate, He was Joined by old Friend Jonny G on Bass, Dr Stu found by chance on Drums and New Girl on the Block Kat Destruct at the tender age of 16 Singing her Heart out.

There style was Simple Rocking Bubblegum Punk Tunes, Iced with the sweet Beautiful voice of an Angel who in True Punk style refused to bow to Pressure and SUNG the songs her way.

With a Love of Fun and a Passion for Punk and all those good people in it, they soon became well known all around the UK, being a more unique style than many, meant that people either Loved them or Hated them like Marmite really, Just how it should be they cry

First CD release just 2 Months after getting together was ‘FIRST STEPS TO DESTRUCTION a 10 Track CD that was well received and has since sold out. Extensive gigging followed and the band soon built a good reputation within the Underdog punk scene, gaining more friends along the Road. May 2009 saw the release of second CD ‘WE BRING THE NOISE’ a 15 track blast that not only showed the band had grown but also with a new variety and edge to the sound due to Dr Stu moving to Bass Duties and New Boy, Richie Rich coming in on the Drums.

The band has gone from strength to strength their Old school Female fronted catchy Punk songs being enjoyed wherever they go. Now that the second CD has nearly sold out its second pressing, after a lot more gigs, seeing lots more quality Underdog Punk bands, making some very good new friends on the way, receiving continued support from Long time Destruction crew, meeting a few wankers and Woodstock having written far too many New songs it was decided it was time to go back in the studio so in June/July 2010 they did just that recording ‘NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL DESTRUCTION – VOLUME 3’ a 22 track Epic Behemoth of a CD available from the band or at gigs and being very well received.

With after shows in Blackpool in 2010 and a tour with Mispelt in September 2010, some fast selling New merch too, the band is in full flow and loving every minute, with Kat going to university it has meant that her ability to do all the gigs the band are offered not possible so an alter ego of the band has torn its way out and so when Kat is unavailable Woodstock exercises his Growler taking over vocal duties as well as Guitar and on these occasions longtime friend of the band Mooseman is Drafted in on 2ndGuitar, this version of the band adds a whole new dimension and again it’s a Love/Hate thing ha ha “we are proud to call ourselves an Underdog Punk band and would urge all Punks to get out there see more bands Us included!!! and have a real good PARTY”..

Join the Destruction Crew today and remember this is punk rock, Armchair Apathy can fuck off, Support the scene any way you can, with touring with Mispelt again in 2011 and a P4TH tour to coincide, plus anther trip to the studio in Late 2011 it looks like another busy year.