By: Sid Biafra
"The nature of oppression is the aesthetic of our anger."

"As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism, or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome."
(-Noam Chomsky)
Truth For Bones
Diminutive Drummer Slain By Cops, Under Dubious Circumstances, In Ohio!
In spite of it's cool record store, and a book about the long gone, Jockey Club punk scene, Cincinnati, Ohio, has always been a disgraceful hotbed of heavy-handed, rightwing authoritarianism, racism, classism, censorship, and strong-armed repression of minorities, progressives, free-speechers, gay photographers, adult bookstore owners, oddballs, eccentrics, and the poor. A wise man once said, "The suburbs of Cincinnati are a great place for a Fox-watching, sports fan to live, if you LOVED high school, and HATE black people." In nearby Columbus, affluent Caucasian athletes frequently burn couches, and tip over automobiles, whenever they lose a football game, but no one calls in the National Guard. In Cincy, someone broke a window downtown, once, and they declared Martial Law, but failed to enforce it in rich, white, Mt. Adams. They have lots of experience, covering up wrongful deaths there, with the always fawning complicity of the local-media, the Palin loving, status-quo-defending middle-class, and talk-radio blowhards. Sadly, a well loved drummer, and flamboyant, punk personality, David "Bones" Hebert, was killed in the middle of the night, by the rightwing authorities in the eclectic neighborhood of Northside, Cincinnati. The initial report, released by the cops, seemed so far-fetched, to literally thousands of his associates, who've all testified to his gentle and creative spirit, and provoked so much public outcry, that they're now, seemingly, scurrying, to revise the events of the night, releasing useless and distracting car footage, filmed after the shooting, as he lay dying. Local blogs report police intimidation of eye-witnesses, and dubious circumstances, to say the least. The whole thing reeks of a cover-up. No one believes the "official story" that this compassionate, highly intelligent, free-spirited, musician rushed multiple officers(!!!) with a sword(!), which the corporate-media has already, "walked back", to a knife. First, he was supposedly "slashing" and "lunging" at them, with a "sword", then, a thirteen inch blade, and finally, a six-inch switchblade, allegedly. First, they said he was lunging, then, swiping at them, and then, later on, it appears, the knife was found twenty five feet away from him. Their "official story" changes, everyday.
Originally, the establishment claimed there was cruiser-cam footage of the incident, but the data was, "still being analyzed". Would anyone be shocked if they destroyed crucial evidence, to protect a cop, with a history of having an itchy trigger finger? The alleged knife was, quite obviously, not on his person, when he was killed. Several locals claim he was sitting on a stoop, drinking a forty ounce, and the switchblade in question was photographed by reporters, or maybe cops, stuck deep, into the ground. He was shot twice, in the chest. He was, reportedly, still holding his dog's leash, as they watched him bleed to death. Now, the notorious CPD claim one of their cruiser's cameras was suspiciously, "malfunctioning". The police can't even seem to get a plausible, coherent, or consistent cover-up story, together. A typical white wash seems in the works.
The heavily tattooed, but slight in stature, drummer for Shoot The Gift, Rat Fuel, Las Luchadoras, Dixie Trash, etc. , simply could not have been a physical threat to the hefty, burly, portly, multiple representatives of steroid-abusing, law-enforcement, with their paramilitary cattle-prods, mace, and night sticks, but their public-relations department, far more accustomed to character-assassinating dead black folks, seems extremely caught off guard, by the massive outpouring of love, grief, and abiding demands, for an independent investigation, steadily echoing forth, from a growing and diverse population of mourners, including many business owners, and influential, upper-middle class, members of various community groups. Obviously, cops are seldom held to account for unchecked violence in this country, and certainly never in Cop-Land, Cincinnati. David Hebert's body was buried in New Orleans. The cop got a paid leave, pending internal investigations. Law Enforcement and the corporate-media lose their minds, when a policeman is killed, but they never mind routinely offing everyday people-particularly not working-class, and poor people, unarmed minorities, or talented punk rockers. Bones will not be forgotten by those who knew him. His friends, fans, and supporters are currently organizing multiple memorials, protests, tributes, a jazz funeral, public murals, concerts, and several benefits, for the family of this unforgettable and charismatic artist/entertainer. Even his most casual associates can recall being recipients of this dude's kindnesses. Multiple tribute events are also taking place in Portland, and New Orleans, in memory of this likable, ornery, bohemian traveler. Tribute merchandise is available on-line. Bones was nation-wide. The extended punk community laments the needless death of a talented, fun loving, popular, and memorable personality. Cincinnati City Council, needs to wake-up to their chronic problem of senseless police violence, and callous cover-up's. They keep hiring-in new public-relations wizards, when what they need to do is thoroughly review the trigger-happy police force, admit wrong, and finally, clean house. Tourists Beware.