"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> BONE SICKNESS
Review By: Pamela Torres
Genre: Horror/Zombie
Directed by: Brian Paulin
Run Time: 104 Minutes
On the web: www.morbidvisionfilms.com
The Lowdown: This 2005 shot-on-video spatterfest features staggering, organ-chomping corpses eerily similar to those in a Lucio Fulci movie. Not only is the acting provided by the cast of unknowns more than decent, but the dreary cello music in the background and the swamp green lighting used in the nighttime cemetary shots evoke an overall feeling of hopelessness, decay, and desperation.
A hardworking and frustrated housewife named Kristen (Darya Zabinski) is stuck taking care of her bedridden husband Alex (Rich George) who is in constant agony from an incurable and degenerative bone disease. Since it's nearly impossible to find a cure (and her job doesn't include any health insurance), Kristen allows his childhood friend Thomas (Brian Paulin) to use a radical and illegal form of medicine: cooking, recycling and feeding Alex the meaty bones of cadavers that Thomas steals from the hospital morgue where he works.
A short time later, Alex's condition gets even more grim when he feels stabbing stomach pains while sitting on the toilet and pukes up worms (REAL ones, by the way!). It turns out Thomas's special remedy has turned Alex into a crazy necrojunkie, forcing him to rob peoples' graves to get his fix. If that wasn't gross enough, his uncanny addiction is the reason why zombies (deprived of their well-preserved marrow)emerge from the soil and devour any blood rare organs they can find.
Definitely check out this gory underrated gem as well as Morbid Vision's ultra-controversial "Fetus" and its upcoming undead post-apocalyptic epic "Blood Pigs!"