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Review By : De Fen
1. ULTRAnumb
2. Scrape
3. Anti You
4. Doubt
5. Corner
6. Takedown
7. Kill Me Every Time
8. Throw Away
9. Metamorphosis
10. Give Me Everything You've Got
This self titled Blue Stahli debut is a must grab for fans of Voxis, as Bret Autrey is unto Blue Stahli just as Bret Autrey was unto Voxis. And Celldweller enthusiasts based off the same logic. That is, Detroit based artist Bret Autrey is the other half of the Celldweller live show just as he was the sole member of Voxis and is the sole member of Blue Stahli. I first heard about the multi-instrumentalist Autrey through a friend who was huge into Voxis during a time where I would only listen to riot folk (I have since expanded my musical perimeters so that I just mostly listen to riot folk these days). That said, even then I immediately got the connection between Autrey's work and my preferred genre, which is essentially man verses machine or man wrangling with machine in order to solidify an artistic vision or world view. I definitely have a particular fondness for the solo artist primarily because I know it takes a great deal of courage and dedication to conquer alone time and the stage all by one's lonely.

Now, this new release from Blue Stahli is certainly composed of fitful wrangling set to electro-rock-trance beats, distorted guitar and shrieking lyrical delivery. Fans of early Nine Inch Nails, Alien Sex Fiend, Remorse Code, aggressive guitar hooks and screamo-noise will no doubt devour this release. And honestly, what's not to like about a pixie-ish shut in who finalizes their press release with: "Art is a weapon. Use it" For more info and updates check: http://www.bluestahli.com/site/ and: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Stahli/109681925725148