Teenage Heart Records
by Carl Macki

Blood  Vessels:  Bursting Out
 Blood  Vessels
 (Teenage Heart  Records)
 Available on  cdbaby.
 This  is their first full length CD.
  Song List
  Catholic Zombies
  Escape from My Brain
  Not Funny
  So Long
  When You're Young
  Primal Urge
  Don't Care
  Hell Rocket
  White Knuckle Grip
  paul stefano - fingers on fire (lead guitar)
  niff - gruff exclamations (lead singer), six string
  josh bloomer - lows, vox (bass)
  sputnik - bangin (drums)

Boston punk  keeps going on and getting better. The outrage may mellow, yet the power of the sound and words continue.  For example, "Catholic Zombies" tells a familiar story: the belief in madness. Other songs deal with lust, love and mayhem. These guys   are trying to prove something. In my estimation they are more than up to the  task.  You can hear early punk, death rock death metal speed and death metal and thrash predominately.  Not exactly desperation, maybe a little bit excessive--which can be a good  thing if you like and want it.
Call  them a coagulation  of styles: they are  funtioning well, as they are many things mashed from  bands like the Shitehawks,  Random Road Mother and Suspect  Device.  Their promo package noted:  "The music of the Blood Vessels is sometimes slow & brooding, sometimes   break-neck & explosive, and always played with as much passion and soul as  one band can give, taking inspiration from such acts as The Stooges and Bad  Brains. Lyrically, the music covers many personal topics and day-to-day  issues: work, religion, love, hate, anger, loss & death, sometimes along  with political and social-political explorations, with the conviction that the   music is an outlet for all that comes along with this. "

And,  holy shit! Their artwork by Kris Rauerdink is literally eyepopping.
Their label Teenage Heart  Records  deserves encouragement in   their efforts to continue in an unfiltered genre their selection of Boston  punk. So far it's only Vessels  and Bad Lieutenants--an outgrowth of the Connecticut band   The Chinks--for artist releases.



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