"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> "BLOODIED BUT UNBOWED"
On Friday February11th, 2011 Film Maker Susanne Tabata premiered her film for The SF Indie Film Festival at The Roxie Theater with an after party at The Cell Space in San Francisco, California. "Bloodied But Unbowed" was a hit!!!

The film has cameo's from several people from the West Coast talking about their impressions of the Vancouver Scene. Americans like HENRY ROLLINS, DUFF MCKAGEN, PENELOPE HOUSTON, GINGER COYOTE, JELLO BIAFRA and KEITH MORRIS share their thoughts... While illustrious Canadians such as RANDY RAMPAGE, JOE KEITHLEY, GERRY JENN WILSON, BOB ROCK, THE K-TELS, TONY BARDACH, ZIPPY PINHEAD, ART BERGMAN, MARY JO KOPECHNE, GERRY HANNA, BRAD KENT, RUDE NORTON BRIAN GOBLE, THE DISHRAGS BUCK CHERRY and choice others share antidotes from the old days... BILLY HOPELESS of THE BLACK HALO'S is the narrator for the film...
Photo's By: Craig Pop Arist, Rebecca G. Wilson, The DMR Twinz, Kathy Peck, Lane Hartwell and various other photographers