Show Review 12-22-2007

The Talking Head Club Baltimore, MD


Show Review By Tyler Vile


I got to the show an hour early with a friend, we just hung out until people started coming in. I ran into a friend I wasnít expecting to see there, Rob Soma of SAVORY JAMES and his brother who had just arrived from his trip to Germany. The first band on was DEEPSLEEP whose frontman, Tony runs a record store called Celebrated Summer Records. They had a fast, energetic sound akin to AGENT ORANGE. Their set ended too quickly, I really loved their sound I just wanted to see more of them. My friend and I were thrilled to see that there were other 15/16 year old kids in the audience, we got along great with them. More kids my age should be at the shows, donít be afraid everyone the punk adults donít biteÖ.or molest. The next band to play was BLONDSAI, a female fronted band with sex appeal and a fun sound. Think a more menacing X with a bukkake fetish. The other teenagers and I sat on the stage and just shot the smoke filled breeze. The band who was up next blew my mind, a band by the name of VINCENT BLACK SHADOW or VBS these guys were great, muddy garage rock reminiscent of THE STOOGES, THE SONICS and a tiny bit of THE MELVINS. There was a crazy mosh pit during their set, people were being picked up by their legs and crowd surfing. I was up against the wall and got knocked on my ass. In an effort to deflect moshing punks from hitting me Tiff from Blondsai got knocked into and spilled her drink all over me, it was fine but funny nonetheless Thanks Tiff! In true Tyler Vile fashion, I missed the last band damn it! But they were really nice to me and gave me a cd demo, HOLLYWOOD is their name and I would liken them to THE CRUCIFUCKS.