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By: Michael Rys
A few years ago when I lived in Princeton West Virginia shows of any kind, let alone punk shows were far and few between. Bluefield WV about 15 miles down the road is where Blitzkid calls home so a rec center show now and again was a nice treat. Seeing the band live was alot fun. I remember a different line-up than what is currently playing ,of course the groups main man is ex Undead bassist Argyle Goolsby( bass and vox) , newer than I remember member are Ricko Mortis ( drums) and Nathan Bane ( Guitar & vox) Blitzkid has released numerous records as an independent group and had chruched out some classic horror punk records. Now not being a big fan of "horror rock" and the shtick that often goes with it I prefer to just listen to the new release on People Like You Records,"Apparitions" for what it is... sans the coffins, makeup, and skulls.....
That being said this record is FUKKIN FANtastic!!!! You can hear the influences of bands as varied as Iron Maiden, Bad Religion and of course the Misfits. Key to this is they blow anything any of these bands of done lately right out of the water. If this is the kind of "punk" that's going to get on the radio than radio will be much better for it. The song construction is highs and lows, ooohhhh n ahhs in all the right places and the band uses ambiance as well as power. The hooks will grab ya, the beats will have you jumping, and yup you can sing along too. This new record is supposed to be widely distributed in chains too so I wish the band nothing but success, and if it does get them over the hump and highly recognized they deserve it. Mr Goolsby has been at this since 1997 so its not a flash in the pan over night thing.
I cant knock on this record at all, yes its slick ,yes its produced but a record like this would do injustice stripping it down.Catching them live will be interesting to hear if they can crank it like Apparitional does.
Favorite tunes on the record are --- all of them but especially Mr.Gore,Casque of Amontillado( great use of horns), and Blutsauger OK kids.... now be the first in your school to land this CD and you'll be the coolest on your block. LOL
Find out more about blitzkid here-www.myspace.com/blitzkid
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