Steel Cage Records

by Ginger Coyote

 I simply love this CD. It rawks from start to finish. I have long been a Blare n' Bitch fan since her days with Butt Trumpet  and later Betty Blowtorch. Blare is probably the best left handed guitar player I have ever seen and Punky compliments her note for note. Johnny Black on bass and Chase Manhattan (ex Dee Dee Ramone) on drums provide solid rhythm. The CD has metal influences mixed with punk. My favorite track is "Runnin' Out Of Time" which showcases Punky and Blare on guitars. Punky has a great voice in the vein of Courtney Love and Brody Dalle.  Good Production, Excellent Musicianship. The CD is dedicated to the memories of Dee Dee Ramone and Bianca Butthole.

Steel Cage Records
P.O. Box 29247
Philadelphia, PA  19215


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