Jones Speaks One on One With
Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves
by Jones Rosenberg

Punk Globe's own Jones Rosenberg took out of his busy schedule with his band the Vigilantes to interview Blag Dahlia lead singer of The Dwarves and this is what transpired. Hope you all enjoy

Punk Globe: Nice to meet you again. When was the last time you were in Punk Globe?

Blag: I think it was 1986. The lovely Ginger Coyote did the interview.

Punk Globe: Tell me about the latest line up of The Dwarves. Name, instrument and one intriguing fact that the readers of Punk Globe didn't know about every band member.

BLAG: Blag the Ripper- Voacls- Best looking man in show business.

HeWhoCanNotbeNamed- guitar- rock icon

Fresh Prince of Darkness- guitar- the Mayor of Peru

Clint Torres- bass- this gun for hire

Wreck Tom- drums- psycho killer

Punk Globe: How would you describe your sound?

Blag: All genres are combined on our records. We're so far ahead, we're

Punk Globe: Who are your influences?

Blag: Tiny Tim, Cab Calloway, Frank Zappa, the Shaggs

Punk Globe: What are your future plans?

Blag: No future.

Punk Globe: Whats your favorite Dwarves album?

Blag: The Dwarves Must Die because it combines every style. No other band has
done it, or even attempted it. Fuck 'em!

Punk Globe: Which song in the world have you wished you wrote?

Blag: The Macarena

Punk Globe: What happened with you and Sub Pop?

Blag: They did a lot of heroin and put out boring music. We reinvented rock 'n' roll.

Punk Globe: Are you guys writing any new material? What can we expect?

Blag I have a book coming out in July through Scapegoat Publishing. It's
about a very naughty 15 year old and the things she does for amusement.

Punk Globe: Tell the readers what happened when you had a press release stating the death of your guitarist?

Blag: He WhoCanNotBeNamed transcends death and mortality. He is an icon, a living legend.

Punk Globe: How do you comment the way dwarves or little people are often described in popular culture? (mean, rude, selfish etc)

Blag: I think they're short.

Punk Globe:What is the most bizarre things that has happened on stage during a Dwarves show?

Punk Globe: Getting blown in Scotland or getting stabbed in Canada are two of my favorites. Just not at the same time

Punk Globe;Any last comments? Wanna say something to Ginger and the readers?

Blag: I love Ginger because she can kick my ass.and ride me like a pony!

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