by NeoTrad

No warnings or bells preliminary to Billy Druid (aka Chris Squire)'s attacks.
"Kali" is his brand new attack that will get you laid. The melody is a hot melting kiss that bites your tongue. The riffs are burning chisels that engrave rampage on your skin. This tune is just immense! You can check it out at, you can also find his interesting writings such as the one under the title "Don't Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation." (

So sick and tired of today's anorexic bands' songs nicely packaged that sound inconspicuous and that seem as if the songs are just in different orders from their last albums. Rip-off product, fancy packaging.  Billy Druid's tunes, on the other hand, feed your head with a new zest for life while emptying it of the stale mess. It's distinctly good and thrilling to be alone with a wild stray wolf in the dark, instead of lying down with a fine pedigree dog on the rug. Billy Druid is also like the frenetic wolf that has gone through every situation that many could not endure and it has led him to the core of a hurricane he calls home.

Just gorge yourself with his provocative tunes at ear-bleed volume, then you will get the urge to taste more of his unpredictable actions.

- NeoTrad
April, 2006

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