Ginger Coyote Chats With
The New Bassist For THE SHEETS
In the 80's The Sheets always consisted of male members.. But in 2008 that all changed.. They added a female bass player to the fold. Billie Duffey wife The Sheets guitar player Pat Duffey has replaced original bass player Chris Domino in the band... They recently went into Weston House in Sacramento to begin recording a new full length... They are also busy filming a new video... Check their Facebook or My Space profiles for updates...
Punk Globe: Thanks for the interview Billie. It is always nice to interview Women musicians... Tell us how long have you been playing bass?
Billie Duffey:I started playing bass in 1989. It was at Selkirk College of Professional Music in Nelson, B.C. Canada. I was 39. As a Composition major I minored in bass because of the paralyzed finger on my left hand. I arranged, scored, orchestrated, conducted and recorded the soundtrack for a scene for the Vancouver T.V. pilot Fly By Nite and wrote, arranged and recorded 8 of my original tunes for a 9 piece band with a 5 piece horn section and 5 vocalists on Oscar Peterson’s 24 track board in the studio. I enjoyed writing and selling a theme for a cable T.V. station and jingles to local merchants. My bass influences are Carol Kaye, Tina Weymouth, Me’shell Ndege’ocello and Tal Wilkenfeld.
Punk Globe: Have you played bass with any other bands besides The Sheets?
Billie Duffey: I am playing progressive indie rock with Robin Lovejoy of Amalgamation in S.F. and improvise and record nu jazz with classical concert cellist Sue Ellen Primost in Oakland. My husband Pat and I will be playing originals together internationally in our new age duo called Light & Sound out of Alameda. In the 80’s and 90’s I played the C rooms in Western Canada on the circuit in cover bands in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Eelectric Eels punk, The Rhythm Method new wave, Skydog blues and Tumble Ridge country. In the late 90’s in Connecticut I played in The Hat Band bluegrass. Being the only woman in a band on the road . . . I can tell you I really enjoyed a lot of my fans! I worked 5 days a week, 4 sets, 40 tunes a night and twice on Saturdays. Sunday was spent driving to the next gig. I can play electric, fretless, acoustic electric, electric upright, acoustic upright and washtub.
Punk Globe: Tell us who is currently in The Sheets and what they play?
Chris Domino – Vocals
Pat Duffey – Guitar/ Vocals
Jimmy Perito - Guitar/Vocals
Billie Duffey – Bass/Vocals
Greg Batlin - Drums
Punk Globe: Who was the original bass player with the band?
Billie Duffey: Chris Domino was the original bass player and lead singer. Now he is the lead singer. Adrian Barrios played bass with the Sheets for a bit during the 2nd incarnation, late 80’s and I happily belong to the 3rd. Chris is a riveting performer, Pat and Jimmy play great guitar and Greg plays anything he wants on the drums. I wish Greg would make his restaurant SAGE in S.F. CA. into a club at night!
Punk Globe: How many shows have you played so far since the band has reformed?
Billie Duffey: The Sheets played their reunion show at the Ness Aquino benefit in November of 2007. We played Pat and my wedding in November of 2008. We have been rehearsing new material written by Jimmy Perito and are going into the studio on the weekend 11.13 -11.14.10. Upon completion of the recording project and video we will be ready to gig.
Punk Globe: Did you play bass at the Ness Aquino benefit at 443 Broadway when The Sheets reformed a few years back to play the weekend shows?
Billie Duffey: No, that was Chris Domino on bass and lead vocals.
Punk Globe: Now you are married to Pat Duffey who is one of the original members of the band correct?
Billie Duffey: Yes, Pat started the Sheets with Chris Domino in 1980. Pat, Jimmy and Greg played in various versions of the Mary Monday Band prior to the Sheets.
Punk Globe: How long have you been married and tell us how it is to work with Pat in the band?
Billie Duffey: We have been married for 2 years. Pat was playing with a Celtic Band at the Café Du Nord during St. Patrick’s Day weekend. He asked me to marry him on our first date. He handed me the key to his place and said, This is it! I think we should get married! I give you all that I have. Love and music and great sex... I love playing music with my husband and The Sheets. Pat has learned that a bass is in no way just a low guitar. I have immense respect for him and his guitar playing. I am learning what love is. I have had enough of what it is not.
Punk Globe: Do you have children and are they musicians also?
Billie Duffey: I have 2 sons and 1 daughter and 6 grand kids. Pat has 2 daughters. None of our 5 children play instruments. We tried.
Punk Globe: I understand that you are currently going into the studio to record some new old material. Am I right?
Billie Duffey: Yes, we are in the studio recording some new Sheets material. They are very reminiscent of the old Sheets sound. Any one of us will bring in a tune we wrote and we all SHEET on it. Now that’s collaboration!
Punk Globe: How many tracks are you recording? What studio are you recording at and who is producing.
Billie Duffey: We are recording 4 tracks at the Weston House in Sacramento with Darin Stull engineer and the Sheets are producing.
Punk Globe: Do you have plans on releasing a new CD? If so do have any idea when it will be released?
Billie Duffey: Yes, this will be the start of the CD project. We hope to complete 4 tunes this weekend and sync 1 with a new video shot by Larry To.
Punk Globe: Who are some of the bands influences?
Billie Duffey: We love guitar based rock bands. In the past the boys loved Cheap Trick, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols. The Clash. All The Sheets and their entourage are looking forward to seeing Ginger Coyote and her White Trash Debutantes at the Bottom of the Hill on the 26th in S.F. look out! At my day job I look for bombs for a living. I ride our Harley and I need to play hard with the Sheets to unwind The Sheets are hard and melodic. I like it that way!
Punk Globe: Lis Booth who writes for Punk Globe mentioned that Pat had mentioned to her that he was good friends with Billie Joe Armstrong. Any chances that you will be releasing something on Adeline Records?
Billie Duffey: Actually, Chris knows Billie Joe. Pat knows Billie Joe’s Sister Anna. They worked together at a non-profit in Richmond CA. a few years back. I only see Billie at the Oakland Airport where I look for the I.E.D.s. I searched his bag and found a stubbie once. It would be nice to be on Green Days label. Who knows?
Punk Globe: I look forward to seeing a lot more of The Sheets in the future.. I remember them from the old Mabuhay Gardens days when Marilyn Joyce McIntosh was working the band.
Billie Duffey: Yes, the Sheets speak quite fondly of Marilyn. She was a powerhouse of energy. She kept the Sheets busy in the very popular San Francisco club scene back in the 80’s.
Punk Globe: Do you have any website addresses for the readers who would like to find out more information about the band?
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview. Do you have any parting words for Punk Globe readers?
Billie Duffey: Check out our new pic taken by Pat’s brother Chris Duffey the Sheets original photographer. WE LOOK GREAT. We sound even better. The Sheets RIZE and ROCK AGAIN…
Punk Globe would like to thank Billie for the fun interview......