May 2017


The Never Before Told Story
Of The Queen Of Pin Ups....
The Real Bettie Page
Book Review By: Lisa Lunney

The Real Bettie Page behind the public persona . What set her apart from the crowd, aside from her looks. This book was a great exploration into a person I would love to know more about.

Foster has crafted a well-written biography, going from a letter Bettie Page originally wrote to him. She was unaware of her stardom until well after the pin up era. Used and abused. She started fresh after her 5 years modelling, she found god and went schizophrenic turning into a recluse and getting mixed up in violence towards others.

For a lady who appeared to be so confident and comfortable, her own inner demons completely destroyed her. She spent years in mental institutions, which is a sharp contrast to the mythos that she simply faded from the limelight to avoid damaging the illusion for her fans that she is eternally 20 years old. Who knows what the truth about her life is, really.

What a sad and beautiful life. The book also showcases an interesting view into the repressive culture of the 50's and the history of women.