"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> BESATREE
By: DeFen
1. Phantom
2. Two Hands
3. Handed Down
4. You Battleshipped My Dracula
5. Phazer
6. Come Inside, It's Warm
7. Learning To Read Again
8. Rock Hudson
9. Slipped
10. Deserted Phone Lines
11. Bullrider
12. Sixteen
13. Defeat
14. Editing Box
15. Aspen
16. Real Quick
17. Bad Sunday
18. Boone
19. Fakers
20. Chalkboard
21. Lost Drive G
22. Fool Of Myself
23. Mechanics
24. Fools Pole
25. Jay Ell Gave Me Heartbleeps
26. Mercury Sleep
27. Separation Anxiety
28. Deadleg
29. Eight Rings
30. Picking Up The Remnants
31. The Bday Of Catfish
32. Avoid Direct Sunlight
33. Hardwired Soft Spot
34. Vagrant Territories
35. The Airwaves Remain Silent
36. Homeward
Besatree's release 'Movement' is a masterpiece. Consider it a 36 chapter existential novel that deals with alien inter-zones, paper craft, hobo punks, and camaraderie set to melodic keyboards and beats that at times sound as if an atari video music player found itself into a silent film. Like a novel, 'Movement' is to be devoured from beginning to end to appreciate the fully fleshed out world that you will no doubt be glad to have visited. Besatree plays with so many genres here that it's best to use the genre he self styled: Slop-Hop. Fans of acoustic punk, hip-hop, garage rock, slam poetry, etc. will want to check this out and keep an eye on this machine. Since 2008 he's dropped four full lengths and one EP, gigging throughout the I.E. and L.A. Besatree and K Serious are playing w/ Crown Royale at the Airliner on 2/11 (http://besatree.com/main/tickets/) All releases are downloadable from the main page. I hope ya'll get a chance to check 'em out.

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