Singer For Jakarta's ANTISEPTIC Tells All
By: Ginger Coyote
I was first introduced to Berry Septic a few years ago through our mutual friend Rabind Rawks.. We lost touch with each other but through Facebook we recently made contact again.. Berry is the singer for the very first HARDCORE PUNK BAND from Jakarta.... This year marks the bands 20 year Anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to do an interview in Punk Globe...
Punk Globe: How long have you been back singing with Antiseptic?
Berry Septic: Since 2008, I took over as the singer and manager position for the band
Punk Globe: What year did you start doing Antiseptic?
Berry Septic: In 1990, when there was no Punk Scene at all in Indonesia.
Punk Globe: In what years did you leave the band and why?
Berry Septic: I left the band 3 times, when I went to Sydney (1995), when I've got married (1999), and when I thought the band's was boring and go nowhere (2006).
Punk Globe: Did you play with an other bands while you split from Antiseptic?
Berry Septic: Yeah, I started a band called Oposisi 99, but just for very short time, 3 gigs only.
Punk Globe: It seems to me that you had a band called The Berries am I right?
Berry Septic: I love the Berries, ha ha.. I started the band last year with my tattoo artist and my ex-wife, a Punk-Rock band with pure Punk-Rock sound that I really dream about..
Punk Globe: Tell us who is in Antiseptic and what they do?
Berry Septic: Berry Septic - Vocal, Acid Septic - Guitar, Josie Septic - Guitar, Naomi Septic - Bass, Randy Septic - Drum.
Punk Globe: Tell us about the Fanzine that you edited for awhile?
Berry Septic: It is in limbo, ha ha.. But, I'll start again next month. I was kinda busy to manage my records shop and my tattoo parlor, so I forgot my zine for a while.
Punk Globe: Many of the Punk Globe readers know and admire Rabind Rawks. Can you tell us how you met him?
Berry Septic: Rabind is like my little brother, he's my number one best friend, I like him a lot. We've met at a toy shop on 1997, he knew me as a singer for one of his favorite bands. We met again accidentally in Sydney few months later, since that we became good friends.
Punk Globe: Berry, when you see Rabind again. Please let him that we at Punk Globe's extend our deepest sympathy to him. On the loss of his Mother who passed a few months back and just this past week his Father.
Berry Septic: I told him already last night after is Father's funeral.
Punk Globe: Back to the interview. What bands have you been listening to lately?
Berry Septic: The Clash, Minor Threat, any Amelia Fletcher's bands, The Meteors, Johnny Cash. "The Mess " from Newtown Neurotics and "Chick Habit" from April March are my favorite songs at the moment..
Punk Globe: Tell us about your new CD?
Berry Septic: The tittle is "Skate Punx Drunk Core". It has15 songs, compiling all of the best songs from Antiseptic's 20 year career. We also did a cover song from our favorite band The Dehumanizers.
Punk Globe: Is it a CD , Vinyl or both?
Berry Septic: It is CD only!
Punk Globe: Has it been released on an American Label ?
Berry Septic: Yeah, it released by American label P.I.G. Records from Seattle, and produced by David Portnow.
Punk Globe: When was it released?
Berry Septic: It's released on March 2010 We also on a vinyl compilation called 'Shut The Fuck Up And Listen, vol.2. With Misfits, D.O.A, Dehumanizers, etc. Big thanx to David Portnow and P.I.G Records to help make my dream come true.
Punk Globe: Have you done any tours to promote the CD?
Berry Septic: Not yet, but we we'll touring soon. Now I'm concentrating on 'Antiseptic 20 Year Anniversary' gig next month.
Punk Globe: Berry can you give us any website addresses so people can find out what Antiseptic is up to?
Berry Septic: Our website is under construction.... But you can check out our myspace and our facebook's group
Punk Globe: What does 2010 have in store for Antiseptic?
Berry Septic: 2010 is a very important year for us, we're 20 years old already, and our CD was released this year. We're not spreading our music around Indonesia only, we're into getting it around the world right now.
Punk Globe: Any parting words for Punk Globe readers?
Berry Septic: Be yourself, never give up, and always keep the faith.
Punk Globe would like to thank Berry Septic for the fun and very informative interview... Punk Globe would also like to congratulate Antiseptic on their 20th Year Anniversary...