"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Beiber Blues
By: Gus Bernadicou
In this world of poverty, rape, murder, and destroyed dreams; several saviors have arisen out of the ashen reality. Justin Bieber was just another unknown heartthrob with golden locks, until he rose to the top of the pops with his hit “Baby.” According to the media, and citizens of the world, the Biebs “gets us”…but even with him the kids are still not all right. But why? How come someone so widely accepted, can be so widely unrelatedable.
We belong to the blank generation. The Beatles sell more records to teenagers today than they ever have before. The Rolling Stones are still relevant to pop-culture (snort ashes, or “Move Like Mick Jagger”); just using Sir Mick’s name has allowed Beige 5 to get a number 1 hit. Was the last relatable super-star John Lennon, why does everyone know Nirvana, and, why does even that Michael Jackson guy still has fans? With the people who originally saw the Beatles in concert dieing off everyday, there must be a reason their fame continues to grow…
Justin Bieber is a household name, but why, baby? He is ruining America by exposing us to lyrics that are irrelevant to our life and that, coincidentally, suck the life out of music. Let’s live on the edge, where are the double innuendos on the radio? Where are the songs with sharp wit that play on the flaws of society? Where is the fun in pop? He is not a teenage screw up, I can’t relate (I can’t even flip my hair like him)… We need someone who gets US, SOMEONE who is US. Let’s move like Mick Jagger and sing “Baby” and pretend everything is all right! We can step up and change pop culture, or we can just fill the void of 2011 and say “Yeah man, that Justin Bieber sure gets me.”
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