"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Bebe Buell
"Hard Love"
Niji Entertainment Group
By: Gus Bernadicou
Track Listing
1) Mother Of Rock & Roll
2) Devil You Know
3) Heartbeat
4) Got It All Wrong
5) Baby Baby
6) Black Angel
7) Sugar
8) I Love A Man In A Uniform
9) Timeline
10) Normal Girl
11) I Will Wait
Looks in music are never deceiving, right? I mean there was Debbie Harry, Cherry Vanilla, and now there is Bebe Buell. Well kinda, Bebe (OF COURSE) has been around since the 70's but musically entered the world in the 80's working with Todd Rundgren, Rick Derringer, and Ric Ocasek. History aside, Bebe is back and her new album "Hard Love" kicks more ass than Todd Rundgren could ever get!

Teaming up with Frank Ferrer, Pete Marshall, Zac Lasher, Jimmy Walls, and Louisa "Mysteria" Bradshaw Bebe ditches the sleek production that was used relentlessly on her 2009 album "Sugar." "Hard Love" is slated for release September 27, 2011 and could most possibly be the best album of 2011 (up the ranks with Blondie's "Panic of Girls" and the New York Dolls' "Dancing Backwards in High Heels).

The album starts off strong, and slowly fades into memorable. Starting with "Mother of Rock n' Roll" the albums kicks off with a sense of humor ('let me take you to my bosom, give you something you need') and then proves that Bebe has the toughest voice in rock 'n roll! "Devil You Know" follows and it is the kind of unappreciated song that becomes a number 1 hit in Sweden, or something like that. This track could arguably be the strongest on the album. "Heartbeat," yes the Runaways' song, comes next and manages to get the job done. A shout out to "arena rock" "Got It All Wrong" attempts to redefine and create the genre of the 80's…unfortunately, it's a genre best left dead. "Black Angel," a song about her friend Joey Ramone, follows a few songs later and is a nice tribute to the missed rocker. It's a heartfelt love song, but the average listener might not appreciate it's value. A remake of her song "Sugar" is next, and is the best 'pop' song on the album. Minus the cheesy effects ala 2009 this song kicks ass, starting and ending with a bang (using it's catchy refrain to it's full potential). Some generic-ish covers and love songs later ("Timeline" is beautiful, mind you) "Normal Girl" soon starts playing, and has promise but the change in tempos often leaves Bebe's voice lagging…although, she can pull it off, and does! If she was normal, would we be talking about her?

With the crappy music plaguing 2011, the uniquely crafted pop songs on Bebe Buell's "Hard Love" appear to be even more amazing. Listen to "Sugar" smile, and you will have a great day.

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