Issue Number Two

by Ginger Coyote


Got a copy from Editor Jared in the mail.  A Beat Of Our Own is a  D.I.Y. 36 Page Zine out on newsprint with a color cover.. It sort of reminded me of an early issue of the print version of Punk Globe... Jared has some  informative interviews with- The  Avengers Diva-  Penelope Houston, Jae from A.P.P. L.E., Danny from Social Unrest, Colin from The Hated,  Steve from Thought Crime (not  Adam P's -Thought Crime from the East Bay),  Mike from Channel 3 and Punk Globe's own Punk Of The Month - Insane Jane Weems -  who has played drums with countless awesome bands.... Lots of cool old photo's, graphics  and fliers...  Helping keep the scene alive and giving respect to the Old Skool Punx.   A great showing for a second issue.. Done with alot of heart and soul... Jared will do trades...Deadline for Issue 3 is May 15

Jared / Beat Of Our Own
123 B Park Avenue
Raleigh, North Carolina 27605

Email : misenplace2@hotmail.com
$2 Post Paid in USA- $3 Mexico and Canada and $4 - The World


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