From Greece The
By: Ginger Coyote
The Barb Wire Dolls are a Girl Fronted band from Greece... They are hitting Los Angeles with a powerful force much like Xena The Warrior Princess... Proving that they are the New Wave of Punk Rock Street Rock. I got a chance to chat with the Barb Wire Girls about living in Greece and all their adventures in America so far...And they have only just begun to unleash their immense talent... Look Out America.. Here come the Barb Wire Dolls.... Check out the interview below...
Punk Globe: Tell us all about Barb Wire Dolls. How did you form and who is in the band?
Barb Wire Dolls: We started in 2008 in Crete, Greece in an artist commune called The Ikarus. The commune is in a mountain village where legend has it that Daedalus and his son Ikarus flew with man-made wings to escape the wrath of King Minos during the Minoan Civilization some four thousand years ago. It's all about not flying too close to the sun and living in balance. The band travelled to Athens for shows but in late October 2010 we arrived in Los Angeles to see if we could live our dream in reality. We found the perfect bass player here in LA to join the band : Gabriel "Voodoo Doll" Hammond. He toured Greece a lot playing with The Fuzztones, and also played in Lords of Altamont, Guilty Hearts, and I heard he played with White Trash Debutantes. Tas Doll plays guitar, Greg Doll drums, and Queen Isis sings and fronts the band.
Punk Globe: Have any of you played with any other bands?
Barb Wire Dolls: Tas Doll played in a band called Black Ocean for a while in Greece. They recorded an album with Steve Albini but it never got released. They supported national tours for Therapy?, Bouncing Souls, Subways, and Slightly Stoopid. He also played in Eurogression which started in 1983, living off and on in the US playing and releasing records by themselves. Eurogression supported quite a few bands from CBGB's to The Whiskey including Iggy Pop, Social Distortion, Royal Trux, D Generation and so on. Queen Isis had a band called Leopard Spandex but it never took off in Greece. Greg Doll played in various Garage bands before he joined Barb Wire Dolls.
Punk Globe: Where in Greece is the band from?
Barb Wire Dolls: The magical and mystical island of Crete.
Punk Globe: Very Xena The Warrior Princess.... Magical and Mysterious... Who were some of your inspirations that made you want to form Barb Wire Dolls?
Barb Wire Dolls: Basically all the bands that inspired us to play rock and roll; mainly Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Slits, Ramones, Blondie, Stooges, New York Dolls, Black Flag, AC/DC and Zeppelin.
Punk Globe: What is the punk scene in Greece like?
Barb Wire Dolls: It's amazing and also chaotic. It really started in the early 80's when The Police and The Cure played the first real show there. Immediately, like after the show, many bands were formed. And these Greek bands were singing for the first time in English in hopes of rocking the world someday.
Punk Globe: Can you tell us some other bands that are popular in Greece?
Barb Wire Dolls: We have a deep respect for the bands that formed in the early 80's, like Last Drive, Panx Romana, and some later ones like Deus Ex Machina. Today we have bands like Mighty Shakers, The Milfettes, Despite Everything, Middle Fingers High, and Xipoliti Stratia that carry the torch with integrity and we also have an amazing underground and anarchic scene with unknown bands that hide their identity for fear of being arrested.
Punk Globe: Are you signed to a label in Greece?
Barb Wire Dolls: No. We are unsigned everywhere in the world.
Punk Globe: Are there a lot of venues in Greece to play?
Barb Wire Dolls: Back in the day there were only a very few in Athens, like Rodeo Club, AN Club, and Kyttaro. Today, there are bands playing all over the country in so many venues.
Punk Globe: Tell us about your favorite places to play there?
Barb Wire Dolls: AN Club, Rodeo, and Kyttaro. Still there, still rocking hard. And of course playing underground shows which is a must for any punk band in Greece. Intrepid Fox with their Punk Rock Matinees and Block 33 in Thessaloniki are also right up there.
Punk Globe: How did you get the band name Barb Wire Dolls?
Barb Wire Dolls: Queen Isis the singer is such the punk rock barbie doll and we love the New York Dolls. We thought we would give the world a new Doll band name that would respect the originals and but with a sexy, wild, and young girl singer. Isis is spontaneous on stage and gets into the crowd and gets the energy flowing like no other singer today.
Punk Globe: Tell us what brought the band to Los Angeles?
Barb Wire Dolls: Fate. Rodney Bingenheimer "The Prince of Punk" of the legendary KROQ show "Rodney on the Roq" heard about us and asked for a demo. He played it the day he got it. It's been over four months straight to date. He's the one DJ that had the balls to play bands that other stations would not play back in the day, and I guess he was the first ever in the US to play and help break Ramones, Sex Pistols, Blondie, X, Social Distortion, Nirvana, Offspring, and so many more. He inspired us to sell everything and buy tickets to LA.
Punk Globe: Have you visited or played any other cities in the USA?
Barb Wire Dolls: We got offered to play some tours across America but we don't have the money to fund that yet. We came here to take it the next level, to find bands and a label to work with so that we could continue to play as much as possible everywhere, and to record and release our debut album.
Punk Globe: I noticed the Barb Wire Dolls were playing every Wednesday at The Doll Hut. How did that come about?
Barb Wire Dolls: We tried booking any show in LA from Greece for two months and no-one would book us. Then we arrived, wondering what we were going to do, and The Roxy called us. Magically, we played our first show there on December 18 and we made history by being the first ever rock band from Greece to play America. And with the help of Rodney playing us and passing out flyers DIY style, we sold the place out! The next week, everyone was calling and asking us to play shows. The Doll Hut had never heard of us, but thankfully they did after The Roxy and booked us immediately. That club rocks so hard and is pure punk history. We are also going to be playing a residency every Thursday night at The Roxy's On The Rox in March with many great special guest bands that we have hand chosen ourselves to play with.
Punk Globe: You also recently played The Sunset Room with Prima Donna tell us about that show?
Barb Wire Dolls: It was a Rodney on the Roq/KROQ show and Rodney announced us for the second time live (first being The Roxy). Prima Donna were super kind to us as was everyone there that night. We hit the stage running and Isis jumped off stage into the crowd and surely gave them their money's worth!
Punk Globe: And how did Las Vegas go? Where did you play?
Barb Wire Dolls: One of the greatest clubs around, The Double Down Saloon. We just showed up, plugged in, and rocked the fuck out. They screamed for an encore so hard that we actually did our very first encore in fear there would be a riot!
Punk Globe: What did you think of the 24 hour party town called Las Vegas?
Barb Wire Dolls: Total sin city. It just wreaks dirty, sexy, Mafioso, Glam, Elvis, Sinatra, despair, adrenalin...loved it!
Punk Globe: Are there many Record Labels and Booking Agencies in Greece?
Barb Wire Dolls: Not many for punk oriented bands, but the few that exist are great and are bringing bands non stop.
Punk Globe: Tell the readers about some of your favorite shows so far?
Barb Wire Dolls: Really, every show is our favorite. Every show new people show up to see what we are all about, to see if we add up to the hype, and they all rock out with us. We have so many new friends and the scene here is about to explode once again. The New Wave of Punk: Street-Rock is here right now. The street revolution is on full force and the street generation is putting on their boots and marching to our shows to rock, riot, and rip it up.
Punk Globe: Have you played any bad shows?
Barb Wire Dolls: No.
Punk Globe: Do you have any web addresses that you would like to share with the readers so they can get more information about Barb Wire Dolls?
Barb Wire Dolls: is where everything you need is at. It's our facebook page and its all we really use. You can find videos, free download of our demo, tour dates, and you can speak your opinion about us freely and help spread the word if you choose to support us.
Punk Globe: What is on the horizon for Barb Wire Dolls in 2011?
Barb Wire Dolls: When we get the right funding, we will get our debut album recorded first and foremost. We have over 60 songs and we just gotta record so we can get on the road. It's all about the live show and the audience for us, so we'll see what path opens for us this year.
Punk Globe: Any last words for the readers of Punk Globe?
Barb Wire Dolls: I know there are so many legendary bands that inspired so many of us, whether it was to start a band, or to get to shows, or to stand up for your rights. But just try to remember that there just has to be new bands, so take a chance and go see the next band live that you hear good things about. We just exist to play live for you. Fuck the pussies, here's Barb Wire Dolls!
Punk Globe would like to thank The Barb Wire Dolls for the interview and hope you all make it out to see them when they are playing near you......