The Interview!
By Lis Booth.
PUNK GLOBE: Hey Guys!! Thanks the interview for Punk Globe, Tell the readers a little about yourselves where are you from, band members, what do you play?
JD: I'm JD I'm the singer in the band my job is to get the crowd into the show rile em up I guess I'm kinda like the rodeo clown.. ha ha of course the rest of the guys will tell you 'my only job is filling out the set list before shows'
VINCE: Hey! I'm Vince I am the drummer I am from Castro Valley California home of Cliff Burton. Thanks for having us!
PUNK GLOBE: How long have you been together?
JD: We've been together since 2005
PUNK GLOBE: How did you get together?
JD: Ange and I started the band after we both had bands ending around the same time, we had talked about putting something together for years. We then came across Bryan who had just left another project , that band actually ended up having Ange's old Bass player replace him so I guess we traded bass players SF is incestual like that. Tony came next Bryan brought him into the band and we started to define the sound, after a year or so and a couple drummers Vince joined the band and the lineup has been the same ever since.
PUNK GLOBE: How did the band get its name Bad Strip? One word Badstrip
JD: Well we sorta made up a word but it had to do with a bachelor party a particularly naughty stripper and a belt and actually that bass player I mentioned earlier
PUNK GLOBE: How many albums have you made?
JD: 3 Dirty, Fight Night, and Lady Frankenstein
PUNK GLOBE: What materials do you use when writing notes, lyrics, and music, for song material.. IE: Do you still use a good old notepad & Pen, a recorder?or have you reverted to a computer?
JD: I still use paper and pen for lyrics while I'm jotting ideas anyway...Besides our instruments the only other material I guess is the white board in the rehearsal room, usually Ange or Tony come up with a guitar riff or simple idea we get together and work out a simple arrangement with me just making up words.. I take home that first scratch track and come up with lyrics melody lines and backup vocal ideas sometimes that changes some of the arrangement. Once I have lyrics and were back in the same room we almost always change things, Tony will add different guitar parts to something Ange came up with or vice versa. Now that two of the members live in Portland and the rest of us in SF we do rely on computer for a lot of the passing of ideas before we all get together. But Badstrip songs are always written by the whole band.
PUNK GLOBE: Tell us about your most recent record you have made?
JD: Well to be honest its actually only half of what was planned we ended up saving a bunch of songs for another album. We recorded most of it at Get Reel in SF with Cliff Truesdell (of the Black Furies, White Trash Debutantes) we had a couple live recordings that came out pretty well so we threw those in and Cliff did a great job mixing it and giving the live ones a similar feel to the ones we did in the studio. I think this is the best record we've done yet. Maybe we should call it while were ahead.
VINCE: This record was alot of fun making it. We actually played a killer show at the Park Side in Sf the night before. We were up partying most of the night and we were at the studio at 10 Am the next morning.. And it ended up being a good album. We basically brought the party from the night before into the studio the next day.
PUNK GLOBE: The Gorillaz have just recorded the first album ever on a ipad.. Would you consider doing the same?
VINCE: I think that is cool that they were actually able to figure out how to do that. But you can't beat a real studio. Just on vibe alone your better off. It's not like those guys can't afford a killer studio.
PUNK GLOBE: Where is your best place to play a gig and why?
VINCE: Anywhere in Texas. Anywhere there's a club. (except one place) We are going back there this year and that place rocks. Tons of Lone Star Beer and TONS of skankin.It seems like what ever city your in it's wild.
PUNK GLOBE: Have you played Gilman?
VINCE: Yea I played there a bunch. Cool place hopefully it won't close down alot of cool bands came out of that place.
PUNK GLOBE: What other bands have you toured with in the past?
JD: We've played with a ton of good bands Black Furies when they were together. One of my favorites was Supergroup out of New Orleans those guys kill it!
PUNK GLOBE: Your favorite show ever & why?
JD: Hard to pick but one of my favorites was with the Chop Tops at this place in Menlo Park we were the only Rock band on the bill the other bands were all Rockabilly. The place is two stories the crowd was in the rafters one of those nights where everyone was going crazy we prob pissed off some the other bands playing after us as we played way past our time slot and we even did a mock encore where we turned around and pretended to leave the stage and the crowd cheered and we came back on hahah
PUNK GLOBE: Do you play any covers?
VINCE: Yea we do a Pistols song,we do King Contrary by the Cult but it's hard because there are some many other good songs we would like to cover.
PUNK GLOBE: Any favorite bands that have influence you in any way?
VINCE: I like alot of different stuff. I love Slayer but I don't play drums like Dave Lombardo and we don't sound like Slayer. It's good to be into different stuff and listening to cool music.All of that comes out in your playing subconsciously you know?
PUNK GLOBE: Whose CD is in your stereo right now?
VINCE: The new Exodus album is killer i have been playing that alot. I have a couple of albums I am listening right now.
PUNK GLOBE: What Music did you listen to when you were growing up?
VINCE: Motley Crue was always a favorite band but now they are blowin it now. Kiss was always going Led Zeppelin. I was really into Jazz if you can believe it.
PUNK GLOBE: What do you like to do on a day off?
VINCE: Hang out, crush a couple of beers just chill stuff.
PUNK GLOBE: Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?
JD: Prob all in wheel chairs pushing each other onto stage.
VINCE: Yea JD is right. We will hopefully be playing and probably will be in a wheel chair.
PUNK GLOBE: Thanks so much guys for your time, enjoy the Tour.

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