by Melissa Laftkas

You are my friend from "Back in the day" where we had VIP' passes
And the numbers no one else could call.
We saw the Trendsetters  - ones who started it all.

Midnight at the Mabuhay Gardens
SVT amps bled the sound
Spotlights cast through the darkness
from the stage with the brick back background.

Sitting on Black leather sofa's
Eyes bloodshot and out of focus
smelling the skunk weed
w/your rum and coke
Masterson  and Johnson
at sound "Check Check"
Telling the latest joke.....

Back before we knew that Courtney was Love
and Ginger Coyote was our Favorite Spice
We were yet to become Intimate Friends
so naughty yet so nice....

Back in the day..the nights were so black and hot..
that we Elevated many stories High  above that vacant lot,
over the fence of the Holiday Inn and we had just dived right in.

Punks fully dressed in all their clothes, pushing themselves up and out of the pool.
igniting and  lighting the amber light of their cigarettes..".Only Lovers left alive" with " No Regrets.."
We were searching for something more.

We thought we saw you out on the Avenues..playing your" Translator "Radio
Before it would be killed by the Video Star...
Electra the sound man leaned on the bar,
and Ness the salesman would lease out the cars.

Last night you read me the letter from that guitarist who really had a knack
we would all meet in Frisco, for yet another Comeback
Back in the day it was all yet to come
But now we just "Look Back"....and our heart full of  fun.

But I want to thank you for reminding me again
For a moment I was every age right up til the end
Every thing came back as clear as day
It's as if No time had passed
I was Back in the day.....


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