Interview By: Gerry Jenn Wilson

Atomic Suplex

Punk Globe: How and when did ATOMIC SUPLEX form and who all is in the band ?
SUPLEX: We all formed individually in our mothers’ tummies (there are books about this). After several years we met, then some more of us met and we played some songs together at the same time. It was quite magical.

I don't think names are of too much concern to Rock & Roll, that is unless your name is Johnny Explosion or Janet Rocket-flash, which incidentally are names none of us own.
Punk Globe: What bands if any influence the ATOMIC SUPLEX sound?
S: It’s the sound you get when everything is up too loud and played too fast. We consider jet aeroplanes our peers and contemporaries. I cite Nikoli Tesla as our major influence.
Punk Globe: How did you come about the band name?
S: The Atomic Suplex is a wrestling move. You grab someone from behind around the waist then flip into a crab bringing your opponent down on his or her head behind you. I’m not into wrestling, but it is how I play my guitar.
Punk Globe: What would the top 5 items be on an ATOMIC SUPLEX's tour rider?
S: An Arc light, a bagger 288, a faraday cage and two more bagger 288s.

DAN: and some matches to make fire.
Punk Globe: What is one of the CRAZIEST things to happen to the band while performing?
S: Earlier in this year while playing in Japan I somehow ended up playing my guitar upside down at the bar watching hordes of Japanese beatniks bashing individual drum parts that they had liberated from the stage. Playing in Japan is great, those guys are so enthusiastic. There is always someone standing on your drum kit or dragging you round the floor by your legs.
Punk Globe: What does ATOMIC SUPLEX have up its sleeve for the near future? Recording? Touring? World Domination?
S: We have a new split single with my favourite band Theee bat coming out in Japan and the US on Pacification Records quite soon. There is also a very limited 6inch on squoodge and in September we are appearing on a vinyl only compilation of some of the more interesting bands playing in London at the moment.

D: If anyone could give us £1000 we could put out a full album. Maybe we could name the album after them or something, we could come to some arrangement. Punk Globe: Who are J.D. Kickdrum's a.k.a. ( Drummer for the A.S.'s) fav-O-rite "Mighty Pounder Of Heads?"

She is….
Punk Globe: If each member of ATOMIC SUPLEX could be a "POP CULTURE ICON" of choice..who would they be?!?
SUPLEX: What like a slinky or a space hopper or something? Oh a person? William Stanley, humm no, I guess you need someone more modern and popular. I’d be J. Robert Oppenheimer

DAN: I don’t know that I would be anything human, I think something more mechanical, like a vintage car or motorbike. I don’t know enough about cars to be able to say an exact model though.
Punk Globe: You have a brilliant band LOGO!...Does ATOMIC SUPLEX have a FLYING "V" Guitar fetish? ..Any others?!?...Do tell!!!
S: The flying V is an awesome guitar don’t you think? I went all the way to New York to get mine. When I got it off the plane there was something rattling around inside, I opened the scratch plate and a small piece of circuit board fell out. It was broken but it still worked. I liked its style and decided that I wanted to form a band that was broken but still worked too. Atomic Suplex was born.

I do think flying Vs could be a little more robust though considering they the purport to be the ultimate rock instrument; something new falls off mine after every gig. It’s held together with tape and a teddy bears eye socket at the moment. I’m going to get a two headed one made out of diamond and steel when Gibson call begging me to indorse them.

D: It is a great guitar but it just crumbles into pieces 2 seconds into every live gig like it is made of cardboard. I bought a Jedson bass off ebay because it looked cool but that fell apart nearly instantly too, and also it was about half the size of a normal bass like a toy, and it is made of plywood. I think it is best not to make a fetish of guitars as they inevitably just get broken, stolen or burnt so you should prepare yourself for that by not caring about them so much.
Punk Globe: As AC/DC would say... "Its a LONG WAY TO THE TOP" if you want to "ROCK N' ROLL"!!! Any parting advice for upstarts in the business of making noise?
S: Stay in school it that’s what you want to do and don’t do drugs unless they make you feel good.
Punk Globe would like to thank Atomic Suplex and Ms. Gerry Jenn Wilson of JP5 for the Fab Interview!