by No Front Teeth

Holy shit…wow, this is a comp…I fucking drooled on this when I opened the package…I mean: DIGITAL LEATHER, DESTRUCTION UNIT, THE CUTTERS, SEX FOR CIGARETTES, BLANCHE DAVIDIAN and BILLY DRUID’S ATOMIC GOSPEL…I knew I was in for a wild and exciting ride and could barely walk up the stairs to get this on the turntable. DESTRUCTION UNIT open up with ‘Come On Feel It’ and if Ryan Wong’s got anything to do with anything you know it’s gonna blow your balls, so, needless to say this previously unreleased DESTRUCTION UNIT track is sick. A ferocious opening track. BLANCHE DAVIDIAN follows with a different mix of ‘Petunia’ infused with their glam/gothic punk rock style, SEX FOR CIGARETTES deliver the previously unreleased and absolutely fantastic  ‘Boom Stomp Crash’, volatile and energetic garage punk. Now, the absolute highlight of the comp…and believe me, finding a show-stealer among this lot is an almost impossible task…but DIGITAL LEATHER, oh boy, DIGITAL LEATHER,  what can I say? This remix of ‘Dance ‘Til Dead’ is awesome and, yes, Ryan Wong  is involved…beautifully raw and fucked up. BILLY DRUID’S ATOMIC GOSPEL’s previously unreleased ‘Carpe Nocturne’ is a dark, one-man band number that’s sinister and abrasive and perhaps the most atypical track of the compilation but nonetheless great. THE CUTTERS close with ‘Fuck Pain’ (previously unreleased)and features Shawn Foree of DIGITAL LEATHER so it goes without saying that it’s going to be raw and wonderfully fucked up.

This is an amazing compilation and the picturedisc rules too. There are so many reasons why you should get this comp but you shouldn’t eve have to be told…just get this and own a killer, killer comp that’s saturated with pure style and excitement…shit like this doesn’t come around often enough so
grab it while you can.

Vodka Tonic Media

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