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This month we dedicate our column to mystery, intrigue, forgotten places and the bizarre. We bring you vague questions and visit odd places by the sea. For this column we have chosen a most unusual vintage cocktail recipe, not for the faint of heart or palate...

"Neptune's Fire"

1 1/2 ounces Tequila
5 ounces Clamato juice
1/2 teaspoon cream style horseradish (or more to taste)
Worcestershire sauce to taste
Celery salt to taste
Large shrimp for garnish

Combine ingredients and add ice. Frappé in blender, garnish with whole shrimp and lemon slice Drink up, kick back and read on...
Dear Madame Kymara,

I have recently opened a small design business in a very small town on the outskirts of a large city in Texas. I met a man whom I will call "G.S" on a social networking site. He was new to the area and no one knew him. He sent me a friend request and we became actual friends very quickly. Since he seemed very friendly, I introduced him to several of the other business owners in my town. He got to know them very quickly and every person he met he seemed to have a lot in common with.

Suddenly, "G.S" developed a relationship with a woman who had just recovered from a very bad situation. He became friendly with everyone in town very quickly. He is very charming and has everyone convinced that he is a successful interior designer, yet he belongs to no design organizations and I have yet to see any of his work, nor does he have an office or store. He has also moved many times. My friend has some money saved up to start her own business and he has "borrowed" it. I started avoiding him because he makes me uncomfortable. What's worse, is that he has been bad mouthing me horribly and every time I have a new customer, he calls them and tells them not to do business with me, then tries to do business with them himself. I have lost clients and friends. It is a small town and my work is based on my reputation. What should I do? Why would anyone invest this much energy into ruining another's business, especially someone I barely know?

~Teed off in Texas
Dear Teed,

Madame Kymara has noticed that you have used the term "very quickly" in relation to this gentleman. In fact, you have used it in three different sentences. You also seem to indicate that this person has found you through a social networking site where he has probably ingratiated himself with other associates of yours. You also share that this individual has moved many times and instantly clicks with a group and that since he has clicked with your group and he makes you uncomfortable, you avoid him. This has caused him to "whittle away" at your integrity.

Darling, it seems you have uncovered a good old fashioned con artist. A con artist works by getting trés friendly trés vite with a connected group of people. This is so the group will spread accolades about the virtues of this person amongst themselves and it also helps to disguise their motives. It seems you have had a gut feeling about this person and have distanced yourself (good idea) This is the reason for the back stabbing, It is related to fear of discovery. However it does sound as though your poor friend is on the hook. You cannot help your friend. She has to realize the situation herself. Typically, the motives of a con person are realized after the damage is done and the personality is not so charming anymore. Generally they are in financial trouble or do not really own anything so threatening to sue will lead you nowhere. We suggest holding out until this gentleman is revealed for what he really is and moves on to his next set of victims.

Madame Kymara
Dear Madame Kymara,

I have recently become fascinated with the concept of Time Travel. Do you think it is possible?

~ Running on empty
Dear Running,

Madame Kymara wishes nothing more than to be wildly wealthy and to turn back the effects of aging. Sadly, she has not found a way to accomplish either feat. However, we have found a person who claims to be highly accomplished in the art of Time Travel. The mysterious Macedonian Archaeologist and author, Pasko Kuzman. This intriguing scholar wears multiple watches to travel through time to study the past and predict the future.

Madame Kymara
Dear Madame Kymara,

What is Real?

~Fake in Florida
Dear Fake,

We find it frustrating that the word "Real" has so many connotations. Reality is uniquely subjective to individuals. What is real to one is not real to another. "You are real" refers to one being considered real or credible in the eyes or the evaluator, not necessarily reflecting the actual reality of the subject.

"Real People" are considered to have some basis in the reality of someone or a set of individuals who have certain group criteria based on their own value system and view of reality. "Real good" is not only a poor use of English grammar, but is used by certain groups to describe something that is very good and very possibly not real.

"He is a real person" indicates that the person making the statement believes that the subject could possibly be a hologram. "She is a real person" reflects that she possibly has been overly generous with money, food, time or all three and could possibly be a hologram. It appears to us that the flagrant use of the word "real" to describe anything of any truth or substance has no basis in reality.

Madame Kymara
Dear Madame Kymara,

I have owned an art gallery in Chicago for three years. Many artists I come into contact with seems nice at first, then they turn into nothing but trouble. Does this ever happen to you?

Dear Drained,

No comment.

Madame Kymara
Hidden Places, Mystery and the Bizarre
Perry's Nut House, originally Perry's Tropical Nut House can be found on Route 1, Belfast, Maine. Founded in 1927, it was one of the few shops along Route 1 in which one could purchase exotic nuts and view collections of curiosities at the same time. Man Eating Clams, strange mounted animals, obscure and horrible object d'art could be appreciated by curious travelers. Parts of the collection can still be found intact.

Geno's Rock Club, Portland, Maine is located on 625 Congress St. Here, Madame Kymara can travel in time to relive the "Buzz Inn","Toads Place" "Sunrise Cafe" atmosphere of the past. The venue has been passed from father to son and still maintains the flavor of the original club, including a sticker and graffiti laden door and walls from the first club. Here one can discover local, national and international indy bands. A very hard working and dedicated Burlesque troupe lead by the duo"Atomic Trash" along with Holly D'Anger and Becky Bottoms produce unique events that are guaranteed to increase the heart rate.

On any given day, 365 days a year one can always find some bizarre item to purchase from at The Arundel Flea Market, Route 1, Arundel, Maine. Rain, sleet, snow, sun, rarely deter the decades old army of road side vendors who sell everything from vintage jewelry to vintage guitars. Recently, Madame Kymara purchased a crazy 70's club disco turn table monstrosity for a very modest price. During the Spring and Fall, the parking lot fills with dealers. Recently we have purchased a cavalcade of odd objects, including an antique Moroccan coin belly dancing belt, a 1940's paper-mache reindeer head, vintage navy velvet Mary Jayne shoes in a men's size 11, and a 1940's dress with a crinoline slip that might fit us someday.

The Vanderbilt Mausoleum, Moravian Cemetery, New Dorp, Staten Island, NY. The imposing granite structure is the final resting place of members of the Vanderbilt Family, Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794-1877) "I won't sue you for the law is too slow. I will ruin you" was the first to be interred there. It is rumored that he was quite the Spiritualist, hence the reports of strange occurrences and apparitions. It is said that if one has their picture taken in front of the tomb, either the subjects in the picture disappear or a mysterious person will appear in the picture. It is not open to the public for casual visits.

Next month, more strange places, weird music and Madame Kymara's food to delight or fright.

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