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Ask Madame Kymara
and Milo Rock
Dear Madame Kymara,

I was wondering, is it weird for someone to paint naked?

~Nude and Confused
Dear Nude,

To paint naked what? If you are in the habit of painting naked, we do not find it weird. However, we caution you to keep the shades pulled and do not dip your wick into the wrong pot. Also, dripping paint can matt hair, so keep a razor handy.

Love, Madame Kymara
Dear Milo Rock,

Your last name is Rock and you are a musician. So, how do you feel about Stanley Kubrick's soundtracks? In particular, I am interested in your opinion of "Eyes Wide Shut, A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey"

~Just Curious
Dear Curious,

Kubrick's works were truly amazing considering the background he came from and that he was actually a poor student in school. " A Clockwork Orange", one of my favorite movies, featuring one of the most underrated actors ever, Malcolm Mc Dowell had a beautiful soundtrack. I thought it was wise of Kubrick to use the composer Wendy Carlos. She was one of the early ground breaking artists to use Dr. Robert Moog's wonderful invention, which as we know, is the Moog synthesizer. It is interesting to note that Wendy Carlos was actually born Walter Carlos. Another fabulous transgender creative force.

I feel that the mix of Carlo's ground breaking synthesizer work mixed with classical music helps to give the movie that extra edge that is realized in the subliminal. In the movie we see, how much Alex adored his beloved Beethoven. The irony of it is that most people seem only to remember Gene Kelly's version of "Singing in the Rain"

In 2001: A Space Odyssey", we all realize how good the score was, although I feel it would have been much better if Kubrick had stuck with the original score that he first commissioned from Alex North who did contribute great music to "Dr. Strangelove" another Kubrick classic. On a side note, I did steal "Will I Dream" from Hal for a composition that I wrote.

As for "Eyes Wide Shut" I must say that despite many people telling me it was a good movie and albeit Kubrik's last, I will not watch it nor can I watch it because it is a movie that starred the trogloydite known as Tom Cruise. So, for me I consider Kubrick's last movie to have been "Full Metal Jacket"

Curiously Curious, Milo
Dear Madame Kymara,

I have been hearing a lot lately about the Anté Art Movement. Could you explain exactly what it is and what it means to be an Anté Artist?

~Phil me in
Dear Phil,

There is not a short answer to this question. Basically, it refers to a movement that is being followed by growing numbers of artists and gallerists who are rejecting the "white box" concept of creating and presenting art and music. They are no longer interested in appeasing the art critics and academics.

Some people think Anté Art encompasses only self taught artists or Outsider artists. Not true. To quote an anonymous source, "I had to unlearn everything I was taught in school to be free to create in my own way, so in that way I guess most artists who are truly creative are self taught, whether they have a degree or not." This is a great illustration of the essence of the concept. The artists arrive at the realization that true art is a manifestation from within. We use the term art to reflect upon all forms of creative expression, not solely visual art.

The concept of Anté Art is rooted in the early days of the Underground and Avant Garde. Taking Dadaism as an example, the twenty first century Anté Artists have revolted against traditional art education and Western society to create new forms of expression and a newly associated lifestyle and culture. There is an underlying influence from The Black Mountain College and such figures as John Cage and Merce Cunningham. There are no constraints such as religion or sexual orientation.

Anté Artists create art for art's sake. Galleries who support this concept also consider the younger collector and show art within affordable price ranges so that more people can have the opportunity to create a collection of original art. Typically, "white box elitist" market is not pursued by the galleries.
Anté Artists do not critique each other's work and are supportive of others within the community. It is not unusual for them to work as a collective group. There is no one influence or one accepted form or technique.

This is a concept that is growing and evolving daily, so as more people become involved, it continues to morph and change. The basic concept always remains the same, to create art for art's sake outside of the confines of the critics or academics.

Hope this answers your question somewhat..

Love, Madame Kymara and Milo Rock
Dear Madame Kymara,

Over the past year, I have gained twenty pounds. My boyfriend seems to have lost interest in me sexually and is getting more and more into watching porn. I notice he is looking at other women more and he does not seem to care that it bothers me. I tell him I do not feel bad about the way I look, but he does not comment and won't talk about it. What can I do to make things better between us? Do you think it is because of my weight gain?

Dear Frustrated,

Put down those Twinkies, woman! If you feel that there is a direct relation between this cooling off and your weight gain, its time to put down that ice cream too! Loose those new saddle bags for the sake of your health! At the same time, work on gaining better ways to communicate and to make your limits within this relationship known! Try some counseling, girl. If none of these techniques work, maybe you should take it as a sign that this relationship is destined for the Cheetos bag.

Love, Madame Kymara
Dear Madame Kymara and Milo Rock,

I am always freaked out that the condom will break when I am having sex. I can never relax .How can I get over this?

~Sexually Shattered
Dear Shattered,

Milo has noted that in Europe a condom has been invented that contains Viagra. CSD0500. The tip contains Zanafil that increases blood flow to the penis. There is no time table for American release. It is designed for men who have difficulty maintaining an erection while wearing a condom. It is thought that this will increase the use of condoms. The plus is that it will not slip off due to the loss of an erection. Until this product is released in the US, we suggest that you use two and do not use the cheap Chinese type since they may contain lead.

Love, Madame Kymara and Milo Roc
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