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By: Jeff Liberty
MacIsaac is without a doubt to me the most innovative and fiery fiddle virtuoso and artist! His album is the product of 3 years work, several studio's and a sound that is reminiscent of MacIsaac's first big break through success "Hi How Are You Today?" The most commercial of songs on this new 12 track release is the beautiful and ethereal song "She's A Rare One" sung by the unique and brilliant talent Mary Jane Lamond. From MacIsaac's press release he say's this of Lamond. " I begged Mary Jane to sing my favourite old Gaelic song," MacIsaac recalls, "Finally she did it and it was worth all the begging! Mary Jane Lamond is indeed a rare one." The songs bring you on a roller coaster of emotion's all while never losing the smell of the sea air. MacIsaac's Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canadian upbringing shine's through on some electrifying traditional songs to his own originals with a flare that makes MacIsaac a true original, faithful to his art.
Some of my personal favourites on the album include "Looking Glass" where he shreds like a wild man with precision. The solo song and barn burner "Summer" that is sure to heat things up until the pot boils over! And finally "2012 Too Late To Hide" has a sonic curve that sounds like classic Talking Heads. MacIsaac's album "Crossover" CD is World music album for a Punk Heart! While checking this album out also check out his whole catalogue. Recent highlights for MacIsaac has included the opening ceremonies at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and tours with Philip Glass and The Chieftains. He has also performed on the Conan O' Brian Show, Carnegie Hall and with the White Stripes for their Documentary and Canadian tour "Under Great White Northern Lights"... Check out www.ashleymacisaac.com for more info! cheers.
In Freedom,
Jeff Liberty
Music Columnist