The Asbalt Raawks!
by Jess Crabb

the asbalt  

I made it into The Asbalt Punk bar late on Friday night. Cruising down Vancouver's Hasting Street at midnight on my way to the bar I was surprised by all of the people on the sides of the street needing a ride. I decided to do my good deed for the day and come to the rescue of one of the needy citizens. She hopped right in and told me her name was Doris and wanted to know if I was a Police Officer. I replied in the negative and asked her where she was going. She said she was on her way to work and...well to make a long story short I got to the Asbalt punk bar later than i'd hoped.

I just caught the end of the first up sludge band from Victoria. The place was going nut's!  The bar was pretty much packed out, but as I was alone the decent door-guy settled me into a stool at the bar and I was promptly served my beverage of choice and a very charming nod and smile from the proprietor/bartender
and fabulous Wendy Thirteen!

The next band up was...I dunno Grave Smack or something and the place came unglued!  I didn't really get much of a chance to check out the band as I had been joined at the bar by the utterly engaging Miss. Too Tall Michelle! Miss Michelle was very concerned the the stool I was sitting on wasn't safe and kept trying to steady it for me...funny, stool seemed fine to me.

Aaanyway!  When in Vancouver be sure and check out Wendy Thirteens hard raawkin punk bar The Asbalt on Hasting's Street. 

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