"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> ARE YOU PUNK ENOUGH?
by Colleen Caffeine
To Be or not to be ,that is the question I ask of thee...fuck off!
I am going to categorize what is meant to never be labeled because of the falseness I see all around me...
The Degrees of Punk, those who call themselves punk ..punk ,punk, punk!
First degree are the drug addicts who chose to label themselves punk because in their eyes punks are the misfits, the only group that will accept them. Does punk mean doing drugs, fighting and letting your teeth rot out of your head? Does it mean I have to be mean ,steal from people and say "fuck u "every time someone looks at my green hair? Do I present myself in a way that is offensive just for the offensive factor? Is that punk?
The second degree is the group we are all too familiar with lately, the fashionistas! They are the ones who dress "punk" ,look "punk" think of it as the latest trend and do it to be cool...the Avril Lavignes...those that kiss corporate ass to get get discovered...Or the ones that think they know what punk is supposed to sound like or are just poor musicians that think because it sounds messy and shitty it should be punk? Is that Punk?
The last group are the ones who dig the music, think for themselves, follow no trend and don't give a fuck what others think or do...dress how they want because they want. Listen to what they want cuz they fucking love the Ramones and the Ramones changed their lives. Is this Punk?
"Punk" has become embraced into the mainstream and thus by being raped by "the man" has become a caricature of itself....once you categorize the "anti", you've accepted it...what is punk anymore? Is it history? a movement? Are the old school punks just old people who don't understand anymore? Is it good that the "new Punk" is "popular? Wasn't it supposed to stay underground? Isn't it getting all punk heard because it is more accepted? Is that good? Was "punk" ever supposed to be popular? Who made all the rules? Isn't it about no rules? Or is it just about the music.....