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Interview With
by Pamela Torres
Not too long ago I got an exclusive interview with black metal solo artist Sin Scythe, who has been making prophecies and revelations in Florida's
PUNK GLOBE: Your myspace page indicates that Element of Eclipse is your personal solo project. Have you taken part in other bands in the past?
Sin Scythe: Yes I played drums for a death metal band Chaos Symphony for a few years and got a taste of the live music scene here in Tampa. Things did not go well after people started selling your music gear, so I left the band. But my heart remains with Element Of Eclipse. It is a solo project, I'm just looking for the right musicians particularly a drummer who wants to be apart of this project for the years that have not come to past. It is hard finding the right people for this extreme blasphemous project in this bullshit state Florida.
PUNK GLOBE: Back when you first formed Element in 2003, was there a big metal scene in Florida?
Sin Scythe: No. There were some what of a metal scene, but no where near the way it was in the early 90's. In the 90's you could make 50 fliers and like 300+ people would show up, Today you can make 500 fliers and 2or 3 people might show up. So you see the metal scene here has died and im shifting through the piles of bones. Here in Tampa, Florida you will find a lot of hardcore emo bands besides the legendary Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Monstrosity,and so forth.
PUNK GLOBE: What urged you to become a black metal artist?
Sin Scythe: I became who I am through personal experience. I do not act or pretend any of what I and Element Of Eclipse are about. I grew up in the deep woods in central Florida miles from anywhere spending most of the time with the dance of nature. I wrote and recorded the Apocalyptic Life album out at my old house in the woods. Where if you had listen to the the album you can tell I was more harmonious with myself and not so much defending myself from religious oppression and environmental wills. Then in 2001 I moved to Tampa, Florida the city of shit thinking there was a metal scene here boy I was wrong. Ever sense life has took a 180 from the perspective life in the woodlands. This is where the birth of the Broken Strings album took place. If you have had listen to this album as well you can tell I'm pissed at the sight of people being so ignorant and spiritless entities not questioning anything around them and obeying whatever the dollor says to do. I piss on the weak.
PUNK GLOBE: Were there any particular bands that greatly inspired you?
Sin Scythe: To name a few. Hypocrisy, Watian, Lord Belial, Hacavitz, Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Beherit, Immortal, Gorgoroth, Vital Remains, Internal Suffering, Testament, Monstosity, The list go's on and on.
PUNK GLOBE: For anyone who doesn't yet know, where in the world can we find your CD's?
Sin Scythe: Well you can download the first 2 albums free at the Official Element Of Eclipse Website www.elementofeclipse.com. I will be getting copy's printed this year for all three or four albums.
PUNK GLOBE: Speaking of which, tell us a little bit about DIVINE MASQUE REVELATION, if you can?
Sin Scythe: It will surely provoke the rebel within and trample All Walls of restriction, liberating the contained madness. This is the era of the Godless Phoenix Rising from the ashes of religious dogma’s and former traditions. The Divine Masque Revelation album is heavier, more technical, and ingenious then the previous two albums due to the aging process. I feel that I am in more control over my instruments on this album. Prepare yourselves for a new strategy of the Black arts. It will be released sometime in 2010.
PUNK GLOBE: Have you ever cast magic spells or practiced the dark arts?
Sin Scythe: Well I believe we all use it one form or another, its just some of us are more conscious of the power and how it works instead of being used by it. Yes, though my workings are personal.
PUNK GLOBE: It was announced that our current president is on his way to reforming health care for all American citizens. With this in mind, do you think our country's state will change for the better?
Sin Scythe: I don't affiliate with politicians, but I say no. If we want change for the better we need a revolution.
PUNK GLOBE: What predictions can you make for 2010?
Sin Scythe: It will be a step closer to Armageddon.
PUNK GLOBE: Any last words you'd like to say to the Punk Globians reading this?
Sin Scythe: Enjoy your life and keep the black flame burning. Much Respect On High go's out to the fans who supported Element Of Eclipse through the years and who continually to do so. You know who you are. Thank You!