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And Hell Will Follow Me
By: Michael Rys
I must confess I was never a big fan of Type O Negative.Didn't dislike them just never grabbed me.But I did respect them and their influence on many in the heavy music world.So when I saw Sal Abruscato ( drummer for Type O Negative) a band call A Pale Horse Named Death and that they had a CD coming out I had to check it out. "And Hell Will Follow me is coming out worldwide on SPV/Steamhammer Records which is putting out some great releases as of late and A Pale Horse Named Death is no exception.Sal along climbed out form behind the kit to write ,play guitar and sing on this record and along with guitarist producer Matt Brown have crafted a galloping dirge of metallic masterwork.Mid Temp tunes that remind me of Alice In Chains and "In The Arms of God" era Corrosion of Conformity.Some of the things that stand out besides the obvious brutal heaviness of And Hell Will Follow me is the vocals and lyrics. You won't find your a-typical rock n roll party tunes of this platter. What you have a stark reminders of the fragility of the life we cling to,betrayal most of us feel at one time or another, and the demons of addiction that is all to common these days. Yeah OK so the subject may be "heavy" too but its refreshing to hear them tackled and accompanied by major league level musicianship. I'd plunk down a few bucks for this record no problem, and it'll get slid into the heavy rotation pile too.

Favorite song on this record , and its no easy task because all 12 song are killer are: Die Alone,Heroin Train,As Black As My Heart( which I could hear as a radio hit),Cracks In The Wall and Bad Dream

Check out the band here: apalehorsenameddeath.com
and here:http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/APHND?sk=info
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