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Right On Fuck Face
Review and Pictures By Michael Rys
Bands like Cleveland Ohio's Antiseptic make reviews easy. Three chords,lo-fi recording,pissed off vocals,furious pace and in your face lyrics that are peppered with so much profanity it'll make Tony Soprano blush. Personally I love this stuff! There's no time spent trying to interpret songs or figure out the" inner meaning" of this band. This band is all against states authority, narrow minds and otherwise useless people. Songs averaging under a minute and a half with the longest being "Dismemberment" checking in at 2:11. Jesse Massey on bass and vocals sounds like his throat is bleeding whiskey on most tracks but it fits with the bands audio assault. Tony Massey on bass and back up vocals is a solid player who keeps up with the attack of drummer Dan Frey real well.

I hate to what his fingers look like tearing up the bass after a gig.

Solid 8 tracks of punk rock angst n rage which I would recommend popping into your stereo at the start of the next war. It could double as the soundtrack.Favorite songs on this disc include "Eyes Wide" ," I Don't Care" and "Nowhere Fast' . "Don't Forget To Pray" now this song I think hints at the bands full potential which I don't think they have fully hit yet. As much as I like their songs, and overall style I do think they would benefit highly from an effort to concentrate on the production end of things. To think this band could sound even meaner!!!

Check them out here www.myspace.com/antiseptic3303 and www.fuckyeahsbsrecords.com