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Getting extremely frustrated from reading and hearing all the pro Bush propaganda - regarding the War in Iraq, Sandra Day O' Connor's replacement and all the anti Gay Marriage sentiments. I got a call from Lois Dolan who suggested I interview AntiChris and the Raped. I jumped at the chance and I hope you enjoy the interview.

Punk Globe:  In what year did AntiChris and The Raped begin?

AntiChris:  The Raped was formed in 2002. We played our last show in 2005. Not  long, but it was fun!

Punk Globe:  How did you come up with the band name?

AntiChris: Funny story. AntiChris & The Raped, for the first year, was called just THE RAPED. For anyone who doesn't know, there was a UK '77 punk band called RAPED. I got non-stop shit about there ALREADY
being a band called THE RAPED. But there wasn't. They were just RAPED.   No THE. But the press called them THE Raped for grammar reasons, so, everybody thinks there name was THE RAPED. I got sick of hearing about it. And since AntiChris (I'll explain the third person shit in a minute) has an ego on him, I thought it would be hilarious to call it AntiChris & The Raped. The name THE RAPED is one I came up with years before the band finally formed. I had Raped buttons 6 months before we found ou
r guitarist.
Punk Globe:  Did you have a hard time booking the band in alot of venues?

AntiChris: YES! Most venues sent hate mail in reply to our asking to play. Just  based on our name alone! Most would say they had a friend who got raped and it was nothing to make  fun of. I don't think rape is
funny. I think people who DEFINE themselves by having been raped funny.  I myself have been raped by both male and female. I don't go around crying about. There's a stigma put on rape. I wanted to blow it up in everyone's face.

Punk Globe: You get comparisons to GG Allin. Was he a major influence on you?

AntiChris: I had literally heard GG Allin only once before I started The Raped. I  wasn't a fan. I saw a few documentaries after I was told I was a GG Allin rip-off. I agree that there are major similarities
between AntiChris and GG Allin, especially being uber-offensice and the whole bleeding thing, but it was unintentional. I'm still not really a fan. I do like the GG Allin / Anti Seen album.

Punk Globe:  Were or are you a fan of The Plasmatics, The Genitortures, Marion Anderson/ The Insaints  and Anti Seen?

AntiChris: I like The Plasmatics and I like the GG Allin / Anti Seen album but I'm mainly a fan of the"Killed By Death" rock. I love the comps. Sweden's Henry Fiat's Open Sore was a major Raped influence.

Punk Globe:  One of my favorites episodes of San Francisco's KPIX's "People Are Talking" was when the late Wendy O' Williams talking about being a Vegan, Animal Rights. Mrs Field ( Mrs. Fields Cookies)  was also  a guest and Wendy began chastising Mrs. Fields for poisoning America with all the additives that are in her cookies. Anne and Ross promptly had Ms.O' Williams (R.I.P.) removed from the set. That was TV at it's best.  Did you see or hear about that? She was the real deal!

AntiChris: No, I haven't heard about that. It's great that she got a bit of media attention. Most people don't know who she is. Most people think punk was invented by Mtv in the mid 90's. I even find it surprising that the media let anything "punk" on the air at it's rawest in the 80's.
Punk Globe: You cite Comic Artist Mike Diana  as an influence of AntiChris and the Raped. It appears that you admire people who push the edge and make you think. A pioneer was Lenny Bruce.  It is so easy to get in deep shit in Florida ask Luther Campbell ( 2 Live Crew), Courtney Love and Madonna! 

AntiChris: I have friends in Florida. I tell them to move. I've been following the Mike Diana case since I was 15. I've always been a "fan" of free speech. I found him through  the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund who paid for his defense. I have to admit that some of his work turns my stomach. But to arrest him for a drawing is sick. I hate Florida. Even Jim Morrison was put on trail for obscenity. Florida has a REAL problem with freedom of speech.

Punk Globe: What bands or musicians inspire you?

AntiChris: Henry Fiat's Open Sore (especially their first full length) was a MAJOR influence on Me and The Raped. Most offensive Rock n' Roll is. The raw sounding LA shit from the early 80's like The Mad and Aryan Discrace. People who don't care what others think about them but aren't assholes. I hate assholes.
Punk Globe:  Did you ever get a chance to meet GG Allin or Marion Anderson before they passed away?

AntiChris: No I didn't.
Punk Globe:  I met GG when my band played with GG Allin at  The Covered Wagon in San Francisco  and was surprised how polite and nice he was off stage. When he was performing he pulled out all the punches but off stage very nice and almost shy. Marion Anderson was a very complex performer as well.  A lovely sweet friend who was always there for you.  Do you feel that there is the On Stage AntiChris and an off stage AntiChris?

AntiChris: Definately! AntiChris is everything Chris wasn't. Off stage I am VERY quiet... unless something
really pisses me off. AntiChris was formed by bad relationships, bad ideas and hate. All the early songs were about girls I hated. You would NEVER guess that quiet guy in the back of the bar staring into his drink was the bloody guy onstage screaming "YOU GOT RAPED" only 10 minutes earlier. But it's not fake. It's really just another side of me. A side I ran with for over 2 years.
Punk Globe:  Are your release's on a label or are they self released?

AntiChris: Unfortunately, nobody would touch us with a cattle prod. I formed a label just to release The Raped albums. Originally called Better Fucked Than Raped, it's now known as We Are Going To Eat You Records. It has almost 10 releases by various bands. I searched for  a year to find a label to release our album on. No luck. We have one last album to release called CUTTER. We're also planning on releasing an anthology called YOU GOT RAPED... so there's still a chance to pick us up. (HA!)

Punk Globe: Did the band tour?  If you have tours how many tours did you do? And tell us about some of your favorite shows?

AntiChris:We did one small tour of Southern California and Las Vegas. We played mainly at Kimos in San Francisco until they kicked out the booker Boom. He loved us. Kimos was  a home away from home. It
was the only place I felt comfortable. I was AntiChris on stage, but when I came off stage I was just Chris. I don't like confrontation. There was always some fucking  asshole that wanted to put in his two cents about how what I was saying was "wrong". Not at Kimos!  We rarely played for more than 5 people, but those 5 people loved us. Boom is now booking The Cherry Lounge in SF. Probably our best shows were at The Phoenix Theatre in our hometown of Petaluma.  I grew up at The Phoenix as a kid but am now hated there. I have a knack for pissing people off.  We played our first show there on June 30th 2003. At that point we had over 40 people come to  see us. We never drew like that again. I posted our lyrics on our site the next week and I  basically lost most of my "friends". We played there in January of 2004. There was a crowd but
they hated us. I've never bled like I did that night. I still have a huge scar running across my head. We got it on video. Nobody knew what to do. They were silent after the blood started. The crowd just stared at me.
They was a lot of drama that night. The head booker at The Phoenix at the time was on a personal crusade to bring Christianity to the heathens. I hate religion so there  was a feud between us. He sent his lackies out to STEAL the free stickers we gave out to the kids. I found out much later that that show cause a parent boycott of The Phoenix because of all the kids who came home with Raped stickers and shirts!
Punk Globe: Tell us about AntiChris and The Raped final show was it a planned final show?

AntiChris: It almost didn't happen. We had basically broken up 2 months earlier  and reformed for 2 weeks just to play the show. It was with our good friends Ashtray (who just  released a great album). We put
on a lot of shows in the basement of our work. Josh (Raped's drummer)
and I work together. Ashtray had a new song they wanted recorded so we decided to have a final show.  We recorded the whole show for release on W.A.G.T.E.Y. Records. We're still waiting to get the  final mix of our set before we release it. I'm glad we did it. I wouldn't have been right to just fade away. My only regret is that no matter how many times I cut myself that night there just wasn't  any blood flowing!
Punk Globe:   Any plans for a reunion or reforming the band?

AntiChris: I doubt it. By the end of the band we were done. We really weren't getting along. We'd had enough of each other. I'm not against it, but there would have to be one hell  of a reason for me to get the guys back together. Honestly, the rest of the band just wanted to  play music. They never seemed to like my lyrics and definitely didn't like the negative attention it brought them. They still get shit for having been in The Raped!

Punk Globe: Any final comments?

AntiChris: How about some advice? Don't be an asshole. You can be anti-establishment without being an asshole. Nobody likes an asshole except other assholes. Hicks are assholes. Republicans are assholes. Americans are assholes. Do you really want to be grouped with them?

Punk Globe: Well said and THANK YOU for a great interview.

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