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"Live Fast Die Old School"
By: Michael Rys
The older you get the less you give a shit what anybody else thinks.It remarkably liberating.I think the Antibodies from Cape Cod MA must subscibe to this train of thought also. Why else in this day and age of pop culture mindless consumerism driven by politically correct, metro sexual, androids would the Antibodies be out creating and playing some of the most abrasive, smash mouth old school hardcore this side of 1985 Ive heard in while? That's all they know how to do is my guess. Born out of the ashes of HIV + and The Antibodies and Crash Course ,vocalist Tony D recruited old pal Johnny Santos to play guitar, who then brought in his brother Pete Santos to play bass, and finally solidified this killer line up with drummer D Silver. Their CD Live Fast,Die Old School (PATAC Records) serves up 13 knuckle sandwiches of punk rock goodness. I hear a band with a heavy influences like Fear,Tesco Vee, The Nihlistics amongst other hardcore icons. You don't get a cover band here though. These guys have a ballsy sound all their own and it's skull crushing right from the start,with the very first tune titled Fuck You all the way to the end. I could bore you by describing each tune but I wont. But I will tell you that if your hankering for something new, hardcore/punk, and don't feel like scouring the bins for shit your drunk ass friends stole from you, you need to look up the Antibodies "Live Fast Die Oldschool". You wont be sorry at all this is one killer CD with no filler or time killers.Honest, play because they love it punk rock the way it should be. Favorite songs on the CD Fuck You,Oi To Your Mutha,Antibodies Are Here and Blacked Out Check out the band here-www.myspace.com/antibodies