Anti Abortionists Can Kiss My Butt!
by Steve DIY

It really does my head in when I read about these right wing do gooding christian anti abortionists moaning about the termination laws. Every time they open their big mouths is when they've thought of  a new emotional card to play. Nothing they say adds up science wise so they continue to play on peoples hearts and minds coming up with all sorts of bullshit to do wind people up.

Then when they realise the emotional tricks aren't working they spend time outside clinics hurling abuse at the Doctors and other employees of these clinics and even worse they tru to fuck with the patients heads too. The abuse outside them clinics is bang out of order and maybe it's time we should play these dicks at their own game.

A few years ago when the anti abortionists were giving it some abuse outside a clinic in the West Midlands(UK) a few of us gave it some intimidation back and eventually forced the anti abortionists to clear off. They've hardly been back to this clinic since because when they rear their ugly heads they're chased off time and time again.

They like to throw the intimidation about and glorify the violence when their comrades murder doctors who work at these clinics but don't like ti when it's thrown back at them!

Anti Abortionists like Fascists must ALWAYS be confronted and removed from the streets so employees of these clinics can work safely and without abuse.

Though more importantly innocent women who have made that hard choice to terminate can do it in peace!

Viva Pro Choice.



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