RE: The 4th Annual Punk Fest For Children's Hospital
From: Michael Rys
Hello Readers
Midsummer always get me looking forward to September.Why? Because it means Punk Fest For Children's Hospital is right around the corner. The 4Th annual show will be on September 10Th this year and at our favorite Detroit venue the Old Miami .With unbeatable one acre back yard,unique decor, and UN-beatable people we are set to once again raise the bar in our community and help even more families than last year.
Punk Fest For Children's Hospital has over the years has featured some of the best bands that the wide variety of punk holds under its umbrella. Featuring legends,young upstarts,and grizzled vets alike. All have been proud to play this show ,participate in the games,and donate however possible to make our music community not only more vital but compassionate too.
This is where you come in,I am writing on behalf of all our volunteers,bands, and families yet to be helped by our show to ask for your donation.These hard economic times have an effect on everyone and we realize the timing may not be the best but we need you to help our efforts succeed. We are asking for items not cash. We need your Cd's, LP's shirts,autographs,pictures,artwork,or even swag you can spare or wish to get rid of. These items no matter how small ,combined make up a what will hopefully be a cache of things that can be raffled, sold at our merchandise table,or used in our silent auctions.These tough times have depleted what was a healthy stock down to just a few items and with declining donations last year I am in a spot where I need to humbly ask for your help.
Your donation should you choose to help will not go unrecognized either.Punk Fest For Children's Hospital has gotten media attention from some of Detroit and Michigan's largest print media outlets as well as featured by DCTV streaming a live broadcast in the past. Our team will ensure this attention continues. Your band,label,company or name will be featured prominently on our Thank You board as well as listed in the article I will write for Punk Globe about the show in October so not only will you be visible to our audience but to fans the world over too. You will also be alerted to when pictures and or video's form the show are posted and will be free to use them as you like as a small token of thanks.
One more thing, you should know that Punk Fest For Children's Hospital raises money for the indigent fund. This fund helps families with expenses not usually covered by insurance .The harsh reality is bills do not stop because a child is being treated no matter how serous the illness. The fund helps with transportation costs, food,hotel and many other things that can simply down someone is the most vulnerable of times. We have raised money for this fund and remain one of only two events annually that do,Punk Fest and hall of fame baseball manager Sparky Anderson's CATCH charity share the honor.
I appreciate your time and patience in reading our plea for help. If you have any questions please email me at .If you decide you want to help please respond with your pledge to my email and I will forward you the shipping information.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
GPR Productions/Punk Fest For Children's Hospital.