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The Lowdown
I recently got to ask Angelo Moore a few questions about Fishbone and their upcoming tour with The English Beat... He also gives a few details on Fishbone's new vinyl release on DC Jam Records. Readers make sure to keep reading Punk Globe for updates that. I would like to thank Angelo for the interview and hope you dig it.
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview Angelo. Can you tell us when Fishbone was formed?
Angelo Moore: Fishbone was formed in 1979 in Los Angeles ca.
Punk Globe: How did you come up with Fishbone for the bands name?
Angelo Moore: It used to be the drummers name but we took it and used it f the name of the band instead.
Punk Globe: Has your line-up been pretty much consistent?
Angelo Moore: Yeah it's been pretty consistent for the past couple of years, except for the horn section which has been in-consistent lately.
Punk Globe: In the early days did Fishbone play alot of shows with The Screamers, X, Germs and Weirdo's?
Angelo Moore: : Yes I recall playing with some of those bands but the Germs was not one of them.
Punk Globe: Can you tell us about doing shows in the 80's in LA and the cops?
Angelo Moore: My 1st experience that stuck out in my head when it came to the cops and Fishbone was at the LA street scene downtown when a riot broke out and I saw a Calvary of police horses come out and chased the whole crowd to the edge of concert grounds. and knocked over big barrels of green Suage.
Punk Globe: I remember when I moved down to Hollywood in 1998. There was a building next to the Holiday Inn on Highland. One night I ran into Norwood there. He told me that the band had to find a new rehearsal spot... Did you rent the building?
Angelo Moore: ye sew rented the building
Punk Globe: The whole area changed because of The Kodak Theater. Did you find a new spot to practice right away?
Angelo: NO we didn't and we haven't since then.
Punk Globe: Can you tell us about the Vinyl project that you are doing with DC-Jam Records?
Angelo Moore: All that I know is that Darron of DC Jam Records wants to put out a Fishbone recording on Vinyl. it will be a special edition.
Punk Globe: Is the release a re-issue?
Angelo Moore: I'm not sure yet. but most likely it's gonna be new stuff.
Punk Globe: Do you have any release date?
Angelo Moore: Not to my knowledge, but my gurus is before June.
Punk Globe: Darron mentioned that Fishbone will be touring with The English Beat? Can you tell us about that?
Angelo Moore: Well all that i can tell you is that it is going to be joyful and nostalgic in it's nature and an cultural and educational experience.
Punk Globe: Where will the tour take you and for how long?
Angelo Moore: It's gonna takes around the states but you can see the details if you look on the website.
Punk Globe: Will Dave be going out with The English Beat?
Angelo Moore: Yes he will.
Punk Globe: Have you played with The English Beat before?
Angelo Moore: YES
Punk Globe: You have released some solo projects can you tell us about them?
Angelo Moore: Yes my Solo project is called DR.Maddvibe and i have a full length CD called dR.Madvibes medicine cabinet 2 comic books called Nate Poe Crastoe and Jah Jah on the telephone, both accompanied with a sound track CD. I have a record co. called Mooremapprecords at Mooremapprecords.com and a 20 episode full length audio drama called Legulible. I am about to release an instrument Dub CD accompanied by a picture Book of art done by misae Miziyayma and guest art by vinzula. as well as a performance DVD.
Punk Globe: I also understand you have expanded into acting. Tell us more Angelo?
Angelo Moore: Well as for my aspirations of acting, yes is aspire to be a actor and i'll keep on aspiring. i had a par in the movie "Idlewild" just recently.
Punk Globe: I know you have a website and are on My Space. Can you you give the readers their addresses?
Angelo Moore: Tell the readers to google it (Angelo Moore) because i wouldn't want to give them the wrong information. but they can also try http://www.myspace.com/drmaddvibe or angelo moore @facebook .. Here is Fisnbone's My Space Profile http://www.myspace.com/fishboneisredhot
Punk Globe: A few years back my band The White Trash Debutantes were playing a club in North Hollywood and you joined us doing the Time Warp. Do you remember that night?
Angelo Moore: I remember it vaguely. I do remember getting a cd of the white trash debutantes though.
Punk Globe: I would like to thank you so much for taking the time out and doing this interview Angelo. Do you have any last words for the readers of Punk Globe?
Angelo Moore: Yeah check out our new DVD called "LIve in Bordoux." It's the latest release from Fishbone as well as dr.Maddvibe and check out http://www.mooremaprecords.com It's my new record lable and i'm in partner ship with Keno of the poonany poets. check out the site and the singles. peace.
Update: June 11
DC-Jam records has confirmed that Fishbone will be have a new release for DC Jam records in October...