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By: Michael Rys
The last time Anal Cunt released a new record was "It Just Gets Worse", back in 1999 at least I believe that's the case. Who would have thought the title would be prophetic?? I was not big on the noise grindcore stuff they were doing back then and now here is 2010 I'm listening to Anal Cunt latest musical discharge due out in January 2011 called "Fukin' A.Vocalist" Seth Putnam says this record is "the greatest heavy metal rock n roll record ever recorded" yeah well I'm absolutely sure its no where near the top 500. The guitars are muddy,as well as the drums.Is there even a bass player??? Seriously I cant tell. The vocals are about as annoying as the shit pile Discharge dropped in the late 80's as an attempt at a metal. Three are bright spots on the record. The song "Loudest Stereo" is pretty funny. Sad to say the thing I like best about this record is the cover, the take off of the classic Motley Crue cover from "Too Fast For Love" is pretty cool. Crap that only two things...Oh yeah number three, it's all over pretty quick and I'll never have to listen to this record again. You might totally dig this shit...you can find out more at www.patacrecords.com