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"Against The Grain"
By: Michael Rys
When these four Detroit area natives Rob( Bass-lead Vox) and Chris Nowak (Drums-Vox),Nick Bellomo (Lead Guitar -Vox) and Brian Griffen( Guitar-Vox). They got together in 2009 and then later they recorded this debut full length self titled CD. My bet is they locked themselves away in writing session with hours n hours worth of classic and soon to be classic records. Like,Sabbath,Thin Lizzy,some N.W.O B.H.M, and tons of 80-90's So Cal punk. This records bleeds blue blood roots. The Motor City rarely turns out duds from its rock n roll factories and Against The Grains debut is no exception. This is not three chords 100 mph punk, but its not over indulgent noodling either. This record is like the 68 Mustang shiny, rear wheels jacked up, chrome pipes and ready to smoke the competition in any race.... You can hear that engine purr.That's what this record smells,looks and sound like. East to hear why the King of all things ABBA Tesco Vee taped them for The Meatmen spring tour. Word has it they left crowds impressed too.

Not one filler song on the record and each one is liable to get you a speeding ticket if your listening in the car. Favorite jams on this CD are Demonhound,The Legend Of Johnny Rat, The Same In The End and Redline.

Look for the band on a summer US tour soon and Check out the band for yourself here-
http://www.facebook.com/#!/Againstthegraindetroit?sk=info and here-
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